Hi there, playing moze, lvl 50, Im playing with a legendary artifact (got 1 hp / Shield +100%).

I got around 24 000 shield, phalanx doctrine 8/5.

The skills say “No limit of stack” and “each time killing an ennemie you get a stack for 30 sec”

I checked my stack during Circle of massacre, killing load of ennemies and stacks… dont stacks… I get one, eventually two.

Whats wrong with the skill ? someone experimented the same ?

Yeah, can confirm that I’ve been experiencing the same thing on PS4. Not sure if this is a universal problem, but yeah Phalanx Doctrine is busted.

I’ve had my stacks decay before the 30s timer is up, stacks refusing to procc when killing things, stacks DECREASING when getting kills, it’s really chaotic…

I’ve gotten my stacks up to 7 (only once) after killing at least 20 enemies within the timer.
Hopefully Gearbox fixes this with the big patch they were supposedly hinting at on Twitter.

yup, I checked again, my new build is around 45k shield, I can move to 70k by 3 stack I think (with phalanx 8/5)… but in cirlce of massacre I kill way more ennemies…

I dont know, something is strange here

This is normal - each Phalanx Doctrine stack has an independent lifetime of 30s. The decay timer you see is for the last stack you got - which is why earlier stacks decay even as you get kills. The only way you can get 20 stacks is if you kill 20 enemies in a 30s timeframe - which is very difficult. Im not sure about OP but in your case the skill is working as intended.

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I know this. Im playing with Unlimited Crit Grenade build or deseperate mesure with 1 hp artifact.

I own an Iced Queen’s Call iridian 560 ilvl… I can says im killing more than 5 mob in 30s.

I was replying to Gunrabies. I do agree your PD seems be bugged.