Moze Players who Use Beam Grenades...How?

Hey I’m trying to figure out how to use a Hex to super buff my “consecutive hits” anointment weapons. I’m kinda theory crafting here while at work, but does anyone know if the crits from hex or other beam grenades spawn actual grenades from a Mind Sweeper mod, and if so, would that + sustained crit fire from a gun (which spawns more grenades) be enough to keep a Moze alive in M4?

it’s the only workaround I can think of that would allow you to use a beam nades since she has no other (non gimicky) healing methods i’m aware of.


Seems like a Cloning Maddening Tracker with extra steps. Jokes aside, I’ve not tried it. Seems like it could work on paper, why not try testing it and report your findings here? I’m keen to know.

It’s a larger issue of Moze in regards to her very poor and inconsistent healing in comparison to other VHs. That being said, recurring hexes can get up to 8 procs of Vampyr. If you are able to sustain nade regen they can do alright but probably wouldn’t hold up for the harder content.

Sounds like you are asking if Mindsweeper nades will proc Vampyr? If that’s the question then no.

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hm…are you sure? When i run a Lucky 7 build with mindsweeper and crit reload roll, i can get healed full health by simply shooting an enemy.

edit: maybe there’s a different mechanic, or i’m totally just not realizing my grenade is going off at the same time lol

Uhm, no they do? :eyes:
I remember seeing a post from @Prismatic, but I’ve checked and it’s not the gearology one. But afaik the grenades from the MS do proc vampyr just fine.

Mind Sweeper nades do proc Vampyr. Their Blast radius is just small so you generally only get a single hit worth of healing.

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Here it is, finally a use for the splash radius ̶a̶n̶o̶i̶n̶t̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ passive.

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10/5 TCP Mind Sweeper here I come!

Oh and Mind Sweeper nades are also mentioned here.

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Ok I wasn’t positive I tested it briefly with no results but I’m not a big user of Mindsweeper I was about to comment that I could be wrong but you’ve all beat me to it. <3


Yeah thanks for the info @Prismatic and kab. I think i’ll play with it tonight. I’ve been going back and forth between a rocket only Bottomless mags build and a butcher/lob build this week, but wanted to escape Cloning maddening trackers and try out these Continuous hit anointments for a bit.

Just want to point out that with a point in FitSD, CMTs can still do a good job holding the consecutive hit stacks.

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hm…i took points out of that because it didnt seem to be doing any significant damage. I’ll drop a point in there just for that.

Agree, same goes for Green Monster. The combo makes it super easy really almost everything will have a DOT in places like Slaughter Shaft.

Rough Rider would be SoL if not.