Moze Playthrough 1 guides

I have recently made some playthrough 1 theory crafted guides for all Borderlands 3 characters, I have assumed playthrough 1 will end at a maximum of level 32. They are far from perfect, I know there are issues but I enjoyed making them so will being doing more and some constructive criticism on them would be great.
Bottomless Mags:
Shield of Retribution:
Demolition Woman:


Some reviewers said that first ended at level ~40

It surprises me how late that is but that is fair enough. I may make more videos to compensate for that, I just made my assumption based off the warrior in bl2 and the sentinel in blTPS.

Well, we know the planet order for the 4 confirmed planets. Pandora > Promethea > Eden-6 > Athenas. I remember hearing that we leave Pandora around level 9 or 10. We’ve seen level 22 gameplay on Eden-6 from the Gamescom demos, which does sound quite low for the 3rd of 4 planets if you can hit level 40 on the first playthrough. However, that might have been some of the first missions on the planet, making you like high 20’s when you leave Eden-6, and we’ve heard rumors that Gearbox might have kept a 5th planet secret all this time. There also might be some backtracking missions to earlier planets later in the story. So yeah, I could see hitting level 40 from the 1st playthrough alone, especially if you do all side missions.

Yeah, we will have to see I think. Not long now until we will know, it is available for pre loading.

I’m lv 38 and still haven’t finished my 1st playthrough, this game is huge.

Yeah the game is huge, I found I finished my first playthrough at level 40 but I still skipped some side quests… it was certainly longer than I expected but definitely not going to complain :smiley:

Im lvl 41 and just got to necro …i have had to stop doing side missions since lvl 30 cause i outlvl them now they are grey if the scaling worked correctly u could hit 50 ez on first playthrew…now as i was starting off i did explore and do all challanges which give the most exp in the game but i regret doing any of it now cause the scaling is so off im tired of shooting mobs 7 lvls lower then me