Moze Raid Build for SOLO Maliwan Takedown in Mayhem 4

Here is the Moze raid build for solo maliwan takedown in mayhem 4. Let me know what you think about this build and if you are able to try it in case you have the pieces then let me know.

Moze Raid Build for SOLO Maliwan Takedown in Mayhem 4

How come everything that says “best” has obvious modded items?

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lol this guy is always posting stuff like this :smiley: ‘best’ builds are 99% clickbait.

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Haha i know, i only watched to see how badly modded the hex was, “x2 mags” ?? Seriously?

what would you show?

Sadly the lucky 7 and ion cannon builds blow that out the park… my mindsweeper runs comparatively the same as it

Well… since I am an @$$hole to myself, I don’t watch ANY of these things until I can master the game.

BUT… that is the way I play. I go blind, if I have difficulty, I will ask people to give me hints in order to survive, and EVENTUALLY, everything will work out…

For example:

I have a hard time killing the Agonizer 9000, someone suggested playing the Handsome Jackpot DLC for some better weapons. I am currently working on that right now (not at this moment, though) and when I finally kill the Agonizer 9000, with extreme prejudice, the people in apartment upstairs will have to tolerate me yelling YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!


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It’s probably for the best; otherwise may end up wasteing time farming for something that doesnt exist

That’s literally the Moxsy Fire Hose Moze build. Same tree points, weapons, and gear.
Not sure that’s modded gear, but highly unlikely rolls for sure. I have 2/3 of those passives on my blast master and last stand Otto Idol.
Lucky 7 focused build finishes in 7:33 with a highly skilled player, so not much can compare to that