Moze random one hit?

Is anyone else getting random one tapped everytime playing Mayhem 3 with Moze? I’m not sure about other characters. I’m running a shield that drops health to one, using the max gun damage the lower health on skill tree. My shield is at 39,689 and guess I thought that was good. With all the nerfs, it seams like playing Mayhem is becoming a no go. Hate that my friends and I have to run past big groups of enemies because we get one shot repeatedly and they keep nerfing the guns that use to be able to handle this. Man this game became no fun real quick, makes me sad :frowning:


Moze is definitely weak defensively, aside from Vampyr build, and co-op makes things harder. It may be best for you to spec out of Thin Red Line to allow health gating rather than a really big shield that doesn’t do anything for you. Maybe go for a Vampyr build.

Balance in general is off, I agree, however.

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And they just nerfed the Vampyr build with certain grenades used to heal (aka, Hex), so she’s even squishier. Lol. Either that or something broke with the patch.


Was already mentionned in another today today, different possibility :

  • You use shield with the project shield mod : When sliding, crouching … your sheld is projected and don’t protect you anymore if shoot in the back by example

  • Deathless set your HP at 1, so you don’t benefit from “healthgate”, meaning the hard cap that prevent you from loosing more that x% of your HP in one hit. Some attacks hit for crazy value and would OS anything if not for this healthgate. If you use deathless, you loose this perk

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Yeah thin red line is maxed out on my build. Seams like somethings off and since they keep nerfing any gun that help out for when you fighting more then one npc at a time (which is always), I’m so just about done playing this game. I just want to loot, shoot and destroy over and over again. Getting wiped clean and respawning every two second sucks.

Yeah, some attacks go through shields and health. The only thing that saves you is having over 50% of max health, which gates you from being knocked down. If you’re running a Deathless build, you’ll go down if you get hit by one of these attacks, no matter how big your shields are.

It’s why I’m running a different build, but they just broke it today. I think Means of Destruction is bugged. Not proccing off anything.

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I know it is not much help, but try using Auto Bear to draw enemy agro. My shield is roughly half of yours because of my very non meta Iron Bear build, but I have managed to stay alive because of him.

Note: Probably will not work in a circle of slaughter…