Moze Redistribution + Launchers stealth Nerf? (SOLVED)

Hey all,

Redistribution will only refill rocket ammo if you have 34 magsize or more (Thanks @twoPIZZA for clarifying). Forge regens rocket ammo at a very slow rate.

I was really afraid of them “fixing” that annoint. At this point, she needs all the help she can get. Why take from her?

It’s still arguably her best annoint tho, shame that got the chops

All 3 of the things you said are false I just tested them all.

160% splash still giving shield.
Forge regenerating rockets. So is Redistribution.


I’ll ask what system you are on as sometimes ■■■■■ broke in one place and not another.

Here’s proof it’s all fine on PC with the latest update:

If you are on a different system please show a video if you can, show the guardian tab so we can see you have the update(new skills), so we can see what’s happening.


They still work for me. I don’t give much value to the extra shield though. If it’s gone, then it’s gone. But last time I played it still works.

Splash annointment still increases shield on PS4…


Yeh so I downloaded another update from EPIC and I’m now getting the 75% shield but still no regen with launchers. I’m on PC so not sure what’s going on.

I can’t stress this enough. PLEASE check if you are already on max ammo, and you are not regenerating ammo because of it. I swear to God, 99% of the time this is the case if you don’t see ammo regen.

On the account of the anointment, might be the same thing that temporarily affected rare spawns, lob orbs and anointment drop rates…

Yeh I’m not at max ammo, using a 16 mag Ion cannon and the only thing regenerating ammo is Mod. No regen from forge and redistribution (got 2 points in redistribution as well)

Are you able to record the issue?

I’ll post a recording later when I get home


So I checked again and it seems that only forge regens my ammo with launchers, although at a really slow rate, nothing from redistribution.

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Probably because redistribution is only active for a short time unlike forge which is active all of the time

Forge has always been super slow to regen heavy ammo.

Redistribution ONLY works with heavy ammo if you have 2 points in the skill and a mag size of 34 of larger.


Good to know, so heavy ammo regens at a slower rate in general?

Basically. Max heavy mag size is 36, but if you keep increasing further than that Forge will become more and more effective. Still slow though.

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Cool, I guess you really have to spec and gear specifically to spam the ion cannon without reloading. Oh well

You can do 0 ammo builds if you want to spam rockets as much as possible, MoD works well with that.

Yeh makes sense, the moment you get 1 ammo back you can fire again without risking a reload. Been off for a while didn’t keep up with the new Moze builds

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You need a base mag of 16 with matched set + iron bank + 40% mag size on relic to get 36 in mag.

You don’t need redistribution for a ION spam build to work though. The build I was using in that clip is a 0 ammo (in mag and backpack) ION only build. It works just off Forge and Means of Destruction. I don’t even take Some for the Road but that would certainly make it a lot easier.

I’ve made this build work with base mags of as low as 12 with all the mag bonuses I suggested. When I’m using the 16 base mag I actually don’t even use the 40% boost.

I forgot to mention Cloud of Lead is also significant in this type of build.

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