Moze - rpg/grenade - COV/bottomless

I just started messing around with my lvl 50 Moze and found it quite amusing to run this combo. The regen wasn’t perfect on my ammo/grenade (which is fine, gives me ample opportunity to try other things) but I was wondering…whats your alls experience with COV/bottomless?

I’ve been messing with the skill trees over the last two days and I don’t quite feel like I’ve worked it all out. I know it may not be “top tier” but do you have a favorite Bottomless build? What do you like about it?

Apologies if this specific topic has been beaten to death. I don’t look on here to often.

Bottomless Mags and COV weapons don’t synergize very good, as only the ammo pool regens and heat is almost unaffected. This means that you have to repair your overheated weapons all the time and its also very hard to keep up an anointed mag bonus.

Regarding builds it mostly comes down to which weapon you want to use. These are my most liked Bottomless Mags build weapons:

These Torgue assault rifles with alien barrel fire like a flame thrower and increase in damage the longer you fire them. They can do insane damage and the ammo consumption is low enough to keep firing for a long time.

Big mag size coupled with ammo regen lets you fire them forever. Try to get a Super Shredifier for double barrel action, but Bipods can also be good long distance crit spot shooting. This thing benefits the most from “Click, Click” as it is very easy to keep it at a sweet spot for the most effect.

Not as strong as the Blister, but can also perform very good. The low ammo consumption rate helps keep this thing firing for a long time.

The natural ammo regen on the Butcher makes this possible. Just add more mag size bonuses. Keep in mind that grenade and shield can also be Hyperion, which boosts Matched Set to +60% mag size bonus.

Try to get a version with 22-24 mag size and then stack all the mag size bonuses you can find (Matched Set, Iron Bank, +40% artifact). This can bring it to a mag size of 50 which is very manageable on a Bottomless Mags build.

Sorry no skill tree as the skill trees are down at the moment on the borderlands page.

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No worries on the skill tree. Thanks for putting in your two cents! I don’t know that I’ve even seen a Blister in game yet. I’ve seen some variant of everything else though. I’ll get into more once I get home from work.

That’s too bad about COV if that’s true. Thought there could be some synergy there :frowning:

I played around a lot with COV on my mags moze. I found I spent a lot of time in that repair animation and that was counter intuitive to my more dakka build. But the above list gives me some good toys to look for in it.

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I disagree with Tommy’s reply on COV…the pistols called “Splainers” heat up slow…while doing high damage and decent DPS. Some come with a x2 or even x3 multiplier, and all elements.

Sure, you’ll have to reload/cool down the gun once in a while, but for the damage/dps these things bring, it’s worth it…and reloading is not that big of a deal…fire any gun long enough and you’ll have to reload

I didn’t say that COV weapons like the “Splainer” are bad. I just don’t see the synergy with the Bottomless Mags skill tree. Going for “Forge” doesn’t help you in combat as on COV weapons it just replaces the ammo looting between fights. Also “Iron Bank” and magazine size increases in general do not increase the heatlimit on COV weapons and are wasted potential. And “Cloud of Lead” shots may not consume ammo, but still generate heat on COV weapons.

So if you want a Bottomless Mags build then look for non-COV weapons and if you want to build around COV weapons then don’t go deep into the Bottomless Mags tree and invest in the other trees instead.

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