Moze’s Splash Damage Anointment also increases shields

Moze’s anointment, “After exiting Iron Bear, gain 120% increased Splash damage for 18 seconds”, also increases a base level shield by 75%. Has anyone else noticed this? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.


You sure you don’t have the +76% shield and health annointment elsewhere?

It’s not in any of my equipped gear or backpack gear in the video. And I respec’d, unequipped all extra gear, then saved and quit before testing.

Interesting. Save and quit usually wipes out all the bugs, but not always. Every time I make a video I always do the same. But it was brought to my attention that the first few seconds of a video a while back had instant cool down on phasegrasp. After a few grabs it was back to normal.

Somewhat related but I get their weird bug when I use a front loader shield. I can take it off and never heal to full, even with everything unequipped.

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It looks to me like this isn’t some randomly occurring bug, since i have seen it happen consistently over several play sessions and loadouts. It’s specifically coded to behave this way, whether intentional or unintentional. It also stacks with the +75% health/shield anoint, as R34KT0R in the video comments stated.

I’ll have to see if I have one to replicate when I get home.

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Yeah I’d love others to test this for more confirmation.

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I apologize in advance that I accidentally had my mic too close and was breathing into it. :frowning:

Anyways, I just tested and OP is correct.

32% shield increase after doing the math (unless I ■■■■■■ up)

26694-20235=6459 6459/20235=.319x100=31.9% round up to 32%.


Thanks for confirming :+1:

Just did the math, it came out to 32% if I did it right (been a very long time since I was schooled), edited my post.

does the shield increase go away after 18 seconds ?

Yeah, not sure how the math works out but I think it’s a 75% bonus that gets applied based on an early value in the shield bonus calculations, so it’ll be somewhat close to 75% of your base shield value. But yeah it’s effectively around a 30% boost on large shields in 1 hp builds.

Yeah I forgot you were talking about the base shield value and my math is based on after skill buff base value. I’d have to get back on and respec to get that figured out.

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You can use the spreadsheet.

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Nice I’ll check it out!

Yeah it goes away after 18 sec


Okay I’ve just reproduced it.

It is indeed 75% bonus shields, additive to Guardian Rank.

Also of note is that it stacks directly with the +75% increased shields so you can have them both active for 150%.


Sweet, thanks for solving the calculation

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I’ve heard of weird shield buffs with anoints. Have you tested to see if you actually get the 120% splash damage too? This person was using master blaster with the anoint and the anoint dropped the master blaster buff.

if you’re referring to my post, everything checked out. 120% splash annointment and blast master DO work with eachother, as intended. i just didn’t know how it was calculated, which was quickly adressed in the first post in that thread.

as for the shield, yeah i’ve noticed it aswell on every 120% splash for 18 seconds annointments. it’s the only one that does this, 125% after skill end does not but the duration is probably half as long aswell.

My guess is, and this is just a guess - they give extra shield to prevent topped off to begin imidiately, to make it harder to have a 100% uptime on the annointment. it’s a buff and a nerf aswell in some cases, maybe. perhaps not for bloodletter builds though. the extra shield isn’t given to you either, it’s just increasing the max capacity so you never really benefit from it unless you avoid damage for 18 seconds but then it’s gone anyway.