Moze Shopping List

Warbayne#3746 - B3 w/ pass - Xbox - Central Time Zone, off and on during the day, usually on 8pm - 11pm fairly steady.

Mayhem 10 Anointed guns (while below 50% health +150% damage) - Any would be a great help.
Tiggs Boom
Sand Hawk
Plaguebearer - cryo

Ice Breaker Deathless

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I’ve got a icebreaker deathless with cryo, incendiary and radiation resistance if your interested :slight_smile:

Hi !

I do have a Fire Tigg’s Boom (2510x6 base damage) with the +150%Rad/-50%Health.

Are you interested by it ?

I am interested if you still have it. Sorry my notifications went to the junk folder.


Still want the icebreaker deathless? If so what’s your gamertag?

I still have it.

What do you propose in exchange ?

Here’s my tradelist :smiley:

I can get you several 50/150 items.

By any chance do you have a Corrosive or Cryo Scourge with IB 160 splash or ASE 125 splash?

Or x2 Ion Cannons with either of those anoints?