Moze Short Fuse. How does it function?

So far, I’ve been having a blast leveling by running up demo tree and just using Torgue weapons. Haven’t had a lot of time to play and Moze is my first character. I’m only like lvl 25 atm but am having a blast.

So was wondering how Short Fuse works exactly?

For simple example; it sounds like it would allow me to use a non elemental ballistic weapon(like standard Dahl or Vladof) and have a 20% chance per bullet to apply an explosion?

If I’m using Torgue weapons would that give a chance for a secondary explosion? Do these secondary explosions proc skills like Means if Destruction, etc?

Just looking forward to making endgame builds and while this skill looked simple enough at first glance, I’m now wondering what all I can do to break it lol.

Thanks Iron Battalion!

Short fuse only procs Means of destruction if it hits another enemy outside the one that is actually targeted.

Wait so the secondary splash from Short Fuse doesn’t effect your target just targets that might be around it?

That can’t be right…so one of her capstone skills essentially just amounts to making a pretty but useless explosion centered on your target?

I hope this is wrong because this just went from a potentially awesome capstone to a useless one.

It damages the target directly but doesnt with splash…the enemy becomes the source of splash.

The Short Fuse explosion does deal damage to the enemy that you hit, you just can’t get a Means of Destruction proc from that explosion unless it also hits another enemy.

Short Fuse will also proc off of any Torgue weapon (DID SOMEONE SAY DOUBLE EXPLOSIONS!?) and any weapon with splitting bullets (Lyuda, Dictator, etc) as long as the damage for each bullet is calculated separately.



Yeah, I can kinda understand Short Fuse not double dipping on MoD, that could be kinda silly.

Would Short Fuse proc any other skills like Fire in the Skag Den?

Yes, the second explosion counts as splash damage for the purposes of FITSD and gun damage for Stoke the Embers and Experimental Munitions.

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