Moze should do very well in Arms Race

Any long time Moze player can tell you why. Up until recently, Moze’s Iron Bear skill was usually pretty useless so most of the time I played her with guns only and got really good at it.

Hey, sometimes Iron Bear became useful again after some new hotfix or update, but usually soon after some other change would make it useless again. Right now Iron Bear is in fact quite good even in Mayhem 10, but you can’t count on that lasting, and Iron Bear won’t be available in Arms Race.

But so what? If you played her a lot, you know how to thrive without Iron Bear. So bring on the Arms Race!

Well since they all have the same base stats…

Actually, are there still character specific weapon type bonuses?
That might mix things up a bit.
Otherwise they’ll all play the same.

So… Is your argument that Moze-Players should have good aim, or… ?

Like, all of the characters have the same base stats. The only real advantage Moze may or may not have is that she is the smallest of the Vault Hunters and thus might potentially have a smaller hitbox.

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There never were.

I thought in borderlands 1 they had mordecai use revolvers and snipers, brick shotguns, etc.
Was that just a character description then?

That was character describtions and some specific skills but on their own with no skills spent, any character is as good as any other with any weapon.

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The point of my post is that most of the time Moze players probably didn’t rely on their skills anywhere near as much as those people playing with other Vault Hunters, so it will be less of a shock not to have it available.

i am very dependend on having the whole screen explode with moze
long time not using splash weapons xD

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So your topic is “Moze PLAYERS should do very well in Arms Race”?

Or to be more accurate: “People who have a history of playing FPS games should do very well in Arms Race”?


OR, since we were talking specifically about people who play this game, where Vault Hunters have a special skill that many used extensively, we can say that the players who had probably relied on their special skill the least will probably have the easiest time adapting to the game mode.

But of course, once people play Arms Race extensively, that edge will evaporate.

I the effect of this makes about 1% difference, if that.

I suppose that means Amara will have a hard time in Arms Race because she’s not used to moving targets?


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FL4K, as the tallest, can get to places other Vault Hunters cant… there are only a couple that I know of (and I can’t think of them off the top of my head), but when I’m exploring for a new sniper nest for him, there have been a couple places where that height difference was the difference between reaching the ledge for a mantle or not. Like FL4K would find a new one that I like, and I’ll go back with Zane, and he can’t make the jump. It’s rare though, and certainly not something that I think would skew this mode in favor of one over another.

That size can also get in the way though. I remember that the patch that brought in DLC3 also adressed and issue rightaway that Fl4k apparently wasn’t able to do a required jump in the last story mission of that DLC (presumably because there wasn’t enough space).
And the size might lead to Fl4k getting hit more than other characters, but we don’t know that for sure.

I can see some light why Moze will do well in Arms Race:

  • We don’t have to worry about our clunky AS where you have to enter/exit IB to proc anointments
  • Less self death from splash and micro grenades
  • We don’t have to envy Amara and Zane’s movement speed
  • We thrive in FFYL in the main game so multiple FFYL in Arms Race is very familiar

I guess “do well” really means there’s less annoyance and we made other VHs be pathetic like us lol.

So the advantage of not having your skills as Moze is that you aren’t really playing as Moze?

I won’t call it an advantage. But without the AS in Arms Race, everyone is basically just “skins”.

From personal experience in this game it’s from Fl4k being to tall. He ends colliding with the terrain and actually cant jump up to certain things because of how the terrain is shaped. Does it to me in a spot in dlc 1 trying to get some collectable on him.

There is that one Crimson Radio in the Ambermire I think it is that requires a different tactic for the Vault Hunters to reach due to their size.