Moze Sings the Blues (and Purples) M10 Build


Purpose of the build was two fold:

  1. To see if it was possible (and fun) to mob and raid with Blue/Purple only gear at M10

  2. To truly experience and explore as many Epic and Rare Unique Red Text equipment as I could.

Thanks to all my friends who sent me just a crap ton of Blues and Purples to test and evaluate.

We get so wrapped around the axle with legendaries in this game…and the absolute meta BEST. What about the rest of the gear?? Great and FUN Unique gear?? Do they work at M10…can you be successful at M10 with only Blues and Purples?

Short answer is…YES…at least on Moze, the only character I play.

I wanted to fight Moze as “Infantry Only” as much as possible. And if I used my Action Skill, It would be limited, piloted, short and devastating. Kind of what I envision IB shoud be.

Toward that goal I tried to stay out of IB as much as possible. Used IB a grand total of 5 times in my final test run at the Maliwan Takedown.

Once just to get the first gate open quick and bypass some enemies quickly
Once to kill the Kraaken
Once at the very beginning of the Valks
Once on the bridge
Once during the Wotan fight
3 of the 5 times I exited early and IB was NOT specced for max playtime.

Modifiers I liked best at M10: More Than OK Boomer, Mob Mentality. Boundary Issues and Buddy System.

One little tip: Use the 10% Damage Boost token you can buy at Borderlands Science in Tanis’s lab. It works! I tested it with several guns. I got a ton of them playing Borderlands Science for a good cause one afternoon and why not? 10% is 10% more that you didn’t have before…

Final Build is here:

Mod was a Baby Boomer with +1 in Redistribution, +1 in Means of Destruction and +3 in Torgue Cross Promotion…Grenade Damage and Splash Damage perks.

Artifact was a Last Stand with Grenade Damage, AoE and Mag size.

Grenade was a level 57 Cloning Maddening Tracker (a friend sent me a level 60 CMT last night after completing the raid…woot…woot!)

Shield was a Double Downer

I alternated between just a TON of weapons…but there were a ton of “standouts” which I will list at the end. Tried to use Splash Weapons as much as possible because…Moze, Torgue Cross Promotion and Means of Destruction.

Didn’t give a hoot about anointments. but if I could get Consecutive Hits I did not complain. Of course the +25% Damage on Grenade Throw is best for Grenades in this build.

IB is specced to pilot and dual explosive mini guns. I know Vanquishers out damage them…but I wanted more precision and frankly, I blow away IB’s armor far less with them than Vanquishers.

I will get into weapons but a few things just stood out throughout:

Tremendous variety in Unique Blue/Purple Splash shotguns that are KILLERS:

La Varlope AR is the best most versatile, overall splash hose on Moze…kills everything and anything. Not a precision weapon…but a big boom HOSE…and it’s an overlooked Blue. Mix barrages from that gun with Cloning Maddening Trackers and Mr. Torgue will be proud. EXPLOSIONS!

Double Downer is unbelievable! Combined with Too Angry to Die and the new Dead Man Walking and it’s just VERY hard to permanently go down. And you WILL go down but you have forever to get a kill and the shield gives you a 25% Weapon Damage Boost and 150% Accuracy and Handling Boost while you are in FFYL. Fantastic, FANTASTIC Shield!

Grenades are BACK!! Combine Grenade Damage on Mods and Artifacts with the new modifier More Than OK Boomer and just WOW! Grenades hit HARD again…and with Pull the Holy Pin at 3/3 and healing from Vampyr…Grenades (and a LOT of them) are just an unbeatable combo on Moze.

Thumper = Carpet Bomb King…sit back and lob in a BARRAGE
Firecracker = 4th of July that KILLS!
Protuberance = single target and small group devastation…bosses too
Chomper…a Blue…my favorite. One of the most fun guns in the game for me…CHOMP EM
Dakota…Jakobs with richochets AND explosions? Yup, and it’s GOOD!
Tediore Chucking shotguns…all good…BEST is the ++ Mirv variant.
Melt Facer…precision High fire Rate Hyperion…good against bots
Host…Hyperian quick fire splat gun…the Blob KILLS!
Stagecoach…an old standby…higher the pellet count the better.
Fingerbiter…Blue…Jakobs Stagecoach Junior but hits HARD

A ton but a little harder category on Moze. And I’m not really a Jakobs guy on Moze.
Hyde…Torgue E-Tech Corrosive Explosive…kinda fun!
Robo Melter…Blue Jakobs and Bots only but VERY good!
Bone Shredder…Superb but an ammo eater
Peashooter…Jakobs explosions!
Starkiller…Fire Beam pistol that just shreds
Sureshot ++ A Mirv chucking pistol that hits HARD
Purple Maliwan Blasters

Assault Rifles:
Q-System…superb Atlas tracking AR…non elemental but hits HARD
Amber Management…Excellent if you can stack kills in a large group
La Varlope…Hands Down…Best AR on a Purple Blue Moze…an explosive HOSE
Brad’s Luck…a Blue. A cryo fast firing COV AR that spins up fast and fire rate keeps climbing…very surprising
The Beast…another good COV AR and it’s Radiation

Boo ++ A Blue…superb little multi turret Tediore that when the turrets rush in and hit…was hitting for 2 million a pop…Unbelievable!.. and superb distraction
Egone…Really surprising Fire beam SMG…it shreds
Purple Nebula Maliwan SMG…excellent All Around! I got a Shock/Corrosive one that worked exceptionally against Wotan.
Keenfire ++ Tediore Mirv chucking SMG. Chucks hit exceptionally hard and the mirvs chase better than the shotgun mirvs.

Lumps…all kinds…all elements…you can’t go wrong
Zookas…COV launcher that was fun as heck…carpet bomber
Quickie…Single Target killer…quick, fast, hit’s like a truck
Hot Drop…A Blue COV…surprising

Worst category I think for a Blue/Purple Moze but I did like a few.
Proton Rifles…I do not care for Proton Rifles because of the Maliwan Charge up time gimmick…but they seemed…OK
Soleki Protocol…Kind of a fun Sniper that hits hard IF…and it’s a big if…the special effect kicks in but it also has that stupid charge up time gimmick
Kenulox…A Blue…Liked it…shock only and hits…decent
Cold Shoulder…Favorite Sniper…Cryo…Hits hard and the two underbelly rockets destroy.
Fire Purple Bratchny with Underbelly Rockets…also pretty good

Cloning Maddening Tracker…hands down BEST
Fire Torgue Splitter Cluster F%$K…carpet bomber
Whispering Ice…cryo…tremendous grenade emerging ice EVERYWHERE
Acid Burn…Blue Corrosive that makes loaders fight each other…and kills…fun!

Other Mods that would work well are:
Firewalkers…because…Fire In the Skagg Den
Tank Gal…because…IB

Artifacts are pretty much anything but I liked Grenade Damage, AoE, and mag Size…because…Moze

Feel free to make suggestions!


That must be a typo.

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Yep…Last Stand…thanks

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For ARs, try a multi projectile torgue. I don’t know if they can go up to x4 like COV, but if they can you’ve got an AR shotgun.

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AFAIK X2 is the highest pellet Count on Torgue AR’s. A X4 would be sick as long as you could get sticky mode.

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Guys…try a La Varlope…reward for a side quest in jackpot DLC…

Mix it with a lot of Torgue Cross Promotion and some splash buffs from Mod and Artifact and it’s a fun little blue HOSE!

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My Amber Management is an X2 and if you get a kill…it auto damage buffs 25% on every kill. It’s SWEET…

And you can heal with it on alt fire.

But at heart…I’m a “spray and pray” guy and the La Varlope has won my heart. I think it kills quicker than an X2 Ogre AND BlastMaster com.

Edit…The Amber Management is not an X2…mixed it up with my Thumper…but it still is sweet

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Purple Moze is pretty powerful. I just ran the Maliwan TTD with a radiation Lump (160% splash), corrosive Quickie (160% splash), Baby Boomer COM, One Shotter shield (IB CDR), CMT (25% damage OGT), and a Snowdrift relic.

My relic is terrible btw; does anyone have a purple Snowdrift with mag size and AOE damage that they would be willing to part with?

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Let me look at my gear. Folks sent me a TON of Purple Artifacts.

if not…I will put out an all call to my buds.

I’m good — I ended up finding a decent one after a few rounds of slaughter shaft.

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