Moze Skill Trees are Released

Not bad. I still like Zane better but I’ll probably do a shield tree run with her. I like the idea of doubling up the fist weapon on her bear and pummeling a boss with it.

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The trailer made Iron Bear look like ISIC’s ult from Battleborn, augmented with Toby’s rail gun and other stuff. I’m into it, and I think now Moze is my second character after Zane.


That’s it, i’m maining Moze when the game comes out.

She’s obviously the new Salvador


Bottomless Mags and Demolition Woman are such Sal trees. He might as well have designed them himself.

Not sure I’m too impressed by Shield of Retribution though. Looks like a lot of effort and investment for relatively average survival, especially compared to Amara or Zane. Seems like good damage per shot potential but the other trees just provide so much more.


You are crazy. 50% shock resist, 10% all resist on shield. Convert health to shield. Restart shield on crit kill. Instant recovery of 40% shield when it breaks which resets on filling her shield, not on a long cooldown. Moze gets the best shield and the best damage mitigation. The other two are better at healing health though.

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While I definitely feel she is crazy powerful if done right (and even if she isn’t) I’m just not too sure I’m feelin’ her. I like the Shield of Retribution tree and the potential AoE from DemoWoman is great, but… ehhh, IDK. Not gonna be my first, but maybe my third?

Zane can match that pretty handily in Undercover, with way more healing on top. Health to shield is not super impressive unless you’re using a Tediore Shield since low capacity compared to total health means a higher percentage increase. Hmm, Tediore Shields might be the part to this tree I was missing. She’d still lack regeneration though, which is a problem for survival. Just durability is kind of meh without the healing to back it up.

Since Moze has a bunch of fire skills, Zane has some cryo skills (and one shock skill) and Amara’s a jack-of-all-trades elementalist I’m hoping that FL4K will have corrosive skills (I’ve been waiting for an actual corrosive-focused Vault Hunter ever since I got into Borderlands ok yes I know there are mods for this but it would be awesome to see an official Gearbox-made one)

Willhelm. If the little bit of fire Moze has gotten qualifies as fire focused then Willhem qualifies as corrosive.

Moze has four skills (Cloud of Lead, Fire in the Skag Den, Selfless Vengeance, Experimental Munitions) that add bonus fire damage and a skill (Stoke the Embers) that straight up boosts fire damage; idk how that quantifies as a “little bit” especially compared to Wilhelm’s sole corrosive skill (Venom Bolts) that is what would be considered an augment in BL3 but which costs skill points.

Remains to be seen how often crit kills come, and how non-tediore shields work with the skill that resets it on break.

Something that seems really interesting to me, is that if the trailers are anything to go by, you can equip two of the same weapons on each of Iron Bear’s arms. Sniping people in the face with chaining electric rails and fire rails at the same time; pulling people in with one arm and pummeling them to death with the other; just adding more dakka with a second minigun… Pretty sure I’ll play her first.

I’m also curious how the cooldown reduction/extra duration skills will work, cos at first glance they seem pretty damn good. Very much looking forward to “be in mech forever” builds.

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Gotta say this set of skill trees might be the most interesting to me so far. It seems like there’s a huge potential for skills to serve as buffs for her gunplay and her action skill at the same time. Some of them it’s harder to tell (for example do fire rate and critical hit damage apply to the minigun?) but I feel like the fire damage bonuses are obviously going to benefit the flamethrower and the splash damage bonuses are obviously going to benefit the grenade launcher. And more of her skills might be doing double duty like that.

Splash damage buffs specifically are very exciting to me, since splash damage in BL2 was kind of complicated. If they are simplifying types of splash damage that seems like a powerful point of focus. Judging from the skills they decided to put in the middle tree, I would expect that splash damage affects grenades and torgue guns. Atlas guns look they have some sort of explosion on impact too, Vladof attachments include underbarrel rockets and grenades, and tediore reloads could still be splash damage (well, the ones without legs). That’s a lot of options. And some of those options, like Vladof and Tediore, will love having huge magazines and constant ammo regen. There’s a magazine size skill that depends on manufacturer allegiance too.

I’d also like to point out that despite a number of fire damage skills, this is the only character so far where the augments actually include every element somewhere, including cryo and radiation. And you can use each arm for a different one. So this should be great for tailoring your action skill load-out and augments to the enemies you’re fighting.


THIS SO WEIRD She is a combination of a sal and axton . Which i belive people loved axton weapon compatibility and gun play and sal 's op skills . She has money shot skill . and her action skill is just for fun and when you are about to die you call him so he tanks for you while dealing damage . SO why people hatting on her🤔

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Feels like a lot of people are complaining about her being generic. I do not get that opinion at all. For me it is the absolute opposite; she definitely gets some Alita/Tank Girl vibe to her and her skill trees are the most appalling.

I like how the skill trees look so synergistic and remind of Sal so far.

She will definitely be my main, probably going for an all out explosive build with busted shield defences.

EDIT: plus, Chuck80 endorsed her. Nuff said.


She is the one.

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I had a good feeling about Moze.

Confirmed, will be my first.


Figures that the (currently) most OP character is one I had very little to no interest in playing. Oh well. It’s Fl4k or Zane for me.
Fl4k PLS be good.

I want to see Moze’s Nuke augment though. I bet it’ll look glorious.


Very creative. I originally didn’t have much of an interest in her, but now I might actually roll with her first. This makes me even more hyped to see FL4K’s skills.

Want to see the nuke? Here it is, right in the Gameplay Reveal Trailer at 2:29 minutes (also right after that we can see Iron Bear’s electric claw attack).

Edit: I love her Skill Trees overall, but she might need a bit more Shield Regen. If her shield Regen is strong enough, Health Regen might not be needed, think about Gaige in BL2. Also, some of her “chance of occuring” skills and some of her percentage-based bonuses seem too low. Especially “Short Fuse”, “Tenacious Defense” and “Forge” as those her Capstones. But there is still time to fix that.

Edit: Confirmed Level Cap for Borderlands 3 at release is Lv 50. Info from the PC conference at E3.

I was planning on Moze being my first. This hasn’t changed with this reveal. What is amusing to me is that Sal is the only BL2 character that I haven’t played. So from that POV her game play will be completely new to me.

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