Moze skills fixed yet?

Heyo. I’m on PS4 here. I’m aware of the “change” to beam grenades that happened.

I stopped playing a few weeks ago after Short Fuse, Means of Destruction and Vampyr stopped working (or working consistently). If I recall it was broken in a patch and Gearbox said it was being looked at. Well, I just looked at today’s patch and didn’t see anything but figured I’d ask here anyways:

Are Moze’s skills working properly again?

Means of Destruction wasn’t regening ammo. Sometimes it would stop regening grenades as well. I could sometimes fix the grenade regen by relogging but most Explosive/Splash weapons werent triggering MoDs ammo regen part.

Short Fuse’s secondary explosions stopped triggering skills that triggered from splash damage, like Means, Fire in the Den and more. I don’t even see the secondary explosions no more.

Also, Vampyr wasn’t healing consistently or reliably. Some grenades which were definitely not beam weren’t triggering a heal at all. Again, sometimes relogging would fix it but ain’t nobody got time for that in the long run.

Anyways, just miss playing and was hoping this might have been addressed in today’s bug patch. Thanks for any info.

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Short fuse was fixed last week. Vampyr and MoD were never broken.

What do you mean short fuse was fixed last week?
Where was that in the patch notes?

Means of destruction is broken. Grenades don’t refill grenades anymore - I understand that hex grenade beams etc weren’t meant to cause splash damage. However grenades as a whole do cause splash damage and regen ammo, they don’t regen grenades. They should, so this is not fixed


It wasn’t in the patch notes because it was a PS4 unique bug that only lasted a week.

Okay, let me rephrase it:
Do you have any documentation corroborating that the issue has been fixed?

I have gone into the game and since last week have been able to proc splash skills with Short Fuse.

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I’ll have to try that out myself tonight.

Still would have been nice for something resembling an official response from GB.


Not sure if platform or particular weapons are the issue but yes indeed, MoD and Vampyr most certainly where not proccing last time I played. I explained how and why above if you need to read again. I also know I’m not the only person having this issue. Just because you didn’t experience it doesn’t give you the right to claim there was never an issue.

Also, can you link the patch notes to Short Fuse fix because I’m not seeing it.

Correct. I also was having trouble proccing ammo regen as well.

I just wanna play and have the skills work like they say. That’s all.

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It wasn’t in the patch notes. Two weeks ago there was an unintended bug that caused Short Fuse to not work on console. PC players reported no issue. Last week the bug was fixed for console.

Grab literally any non splash gun and shoot literally anything and you will see the splash skills proccing.

I’ve seen virtually no video evidence of MoD/Vampyr being bugged. I think people are thinking it is broken due to them being biased towards how things used to be with almost infinite healing/grenades.

From my own personal experience, and other people who have shown it in operation, the worst is that it potentially procs at a lower rate than what is advertised. That being said, this might also be some sort of dumb luck as I don’t see this entirely too often.

If you can record it not in action and post it, I’d love to have a look.

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Vampyr is working extremely well on IB, if you’re using splash weapon just 2 or 3 points make you almost unkillable, I just did a M3 SS run, absolutely tanky

Vampyr is wonky because it’s based off of max health before modifiers. So health builds get a varied amount of healing and deathless users always get max heals.

That’s what i would define broken though. Broken doesn’t have to mean not working AT ALL, it can just mean it’s not working the same way it says it should.

yes, short fuse stopped working after a hotfix and went back to normal a week later i tested this aswell.

as for this weeks patch, MoD is changed again. i went into the raid on M4 and noticed that flakker does not proc multiple granades anymore, so it seems they’ve might have done a change to multiple pellets weapons, i need more testing with this but it’s definitely changed in some way. IB still proc MoD at a good rate but i also need more testing with this, but if it’s indeed what i saw then i really like it even more now when IB is buffed. the gameplay loop of go absolute ham with granades and flakker until you run out then hop into IB for a second damage phase to regen granades and deal some good damge in the process ! beam granades aka hex still doesn’t heal you as they did before, which is fair and i already knew it wasn’t a bug that people claimed it were - it was a change that they didn’t want to tell people and they now buffed IB instead to compensate. i’m generally happy with these new changes, more good than bad ones from what i seen anyway.

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So, can confirm on PS4, Short Fuse does proc Means Of Destruction. (Thanks new target dummy)
That being said, the rate of return for grenades truly is awful.
Also, the shields returned via Vampyr with a single grenade against a single target is also highly underwhelming.
As I’ve said before, it appears the skills themselves work, they just have awful numbers. The prior over-effectivness of beam grenades just hid this fact.

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some things i’ve noticed when testing stuff on this patch.

  • Desperate measures damage buff only applies to IB’s left arm mounted gun.
  • Stainless steel bear does not increase IB’s damage at all.
  • Means of Destruction procs at a much lower rate than before patch. (as if that’s even possible)

i’ll update if i notice anything else.

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Ammo regen completely stops when exiting iron bear. No stones function at all.

All grenades should do splash damage but they dont . I dunno why they completely ignore gamers . Without gamers games dont exist . Moze is still broken after all this time that has gone by . What a not funny joke . They obviously think too highly of themselves to improve gameplay . There is no survivablity for moze .