Moze skills is this good?

I will give it a try :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get an anointed tsunami that does: next two magazines deal incendiary… so I can have all 3 elements hitting at once…those magazines will last the entire lvl :joy:

I want to find a bloodletter that does 5 into desperate measures…but the only mod I’ve found that does 5 to one skill is this class mod:

you won’t find any com that gives +5 into desperate measures. +3 is the max

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The best a class mod can do is doubling what would normally be allowed.


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What!? Why? That does +5 into skags why can’t one do +5 in desperate measures!?

I see now…since desperate measures only goes to 3 the best I could roll is +3 in class mod…well that sucks but I found an anointed tsunami…I just need the roll that does: next two magazines are incendiary and I’ll have a gun that does 3 elements since I’ll never run out of ammo!

This one is not bad but I don’t know if the tsunami even deals splash dmg…if it does then then this ain’t bad. Do you know if the tsunami deals splash damage?

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I see now. Thank you!

I have no idea if the Tsunami has splash damage. Wish I could help.

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Tsunami is my favorite weapon on Amara. It doesn’t do splash. You’d want Experimental Munitions to make crits do Fire. And Stoke the Embers. My Moze COULD make it work. And also, your Blue Capstone will make it deal splash occasionally. So none of those skills are wasted. but.

If you really wanna make a Moze Fire Tsunami, I’d actually farm for a Bonus Radiation Tsunami, and put all your points in blue. Then go up to…hold on. Let me show you my build and then explain.

‪Check out my custom Moze skill tree build! #Borderlands3"cb__2329045862___p__411933563-1_3720693987-5_1977224556-5_1819376433-1_1064863104-5_3066753877-3_2033013265-1_696258140-5_598233776-3_3700797048-4_2549882825-3_769197315-1_4006882564-5_4149007097-5_3500565755-1"‬

So I use a Mindsweeper, which on crits can drop a mini grenade. These mini grenades are bonus chances to proc Skag Den, MoD, and Vampyr. It also boosts skag den and Redistribution and torge cross. These all make for lost of bonus fire damage because of how many bullets the Tsunami puts out.

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I have the bonus radiation one!

I can’t see the pics

It’s a link to a skill tree on the main BL site :slight_smile:

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Nice! Sweet build! We are very similar yet different to achieve the same result!

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But yeah, Moze has enough skills that makes Fire Happen that it would be more ridiculous to have the Radiation Tsunami and have four elements (and the non elemental bullet!) at once. It’s the backbone of my Amara build, which is the only reason I’m not using it with Moze :joy:

Lol so I have the perfect gun for Amara with my radiation tsunami! Lmao…I’m just tryin to help Moze out…she’s limping along with all these nerfs…

If you’re gonna be using that Tsunami, I definitely suggest keeping the Mind Sweeper in mind. Bloodletter is cool, but it doesn’t actually pair well with Vampyr. There’s too much shield for the Vampyr algorithm to properly fill.

See, Vampyr gives you a percentage back of missing health based on how many enemies you hit. So. If you hit five with one grenade, with five points in vamp, you get 100% of your missing health back. On the assumption that you’re doing a Deathless build, this would at most be 6000ish. Out of your shield which is…maybe 50000? Vampyr can’t keep up.

But Mindsweeper will keep dropping grenades and healing you. If you’re using singularity grenades. It’ll keep enemies together to make those explosions even more profitable.

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I don’t use a deathless build…I have all the best things to do it…I just don’t enjoy throwing my gun like a grenade and being so OP with shields…

I use a transformer shield with these guns and I’m so OP I kill everything it’s not even fun.

It’s in the homing and explosions…I just kill everything and stand right in the middle and get healed…too OP for me and I won’t make a video doing that build…I mean just look at it…it’s insane…

Oh, yeah, then definitely try the Tsunami with the Mind Sweeper. It should be a Blast :wink:

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