Moze splash damage annointment and blast master COM

Yo, i’m confused about these two’s interaction with each other.

So i’m testing this on a car in sanctuary with a CoV heavy granade launcher and no skill points and get these numbers:

Normal shot: 8152
100% bonus with COM: 16k
120% bonus with annointment: 17k
100% + 120% with both bonuses: 26k

What’s up with that? shouldn’t it be 32k+ with both bonuses?
Also, why does 120% splash damage annointment give me ~8500 max shield capacity for the full 18 seconds duration?

The bonuses are additive with one another.
So with the COM and the anointed bonus, you get 100%+120% = +220% splash damage.
Hence, if your normal shot does 8152, with both bonuses active, you will deal:
8152 * (320%) = 26086.4, which checks out with the number you got.


Thank you :slight_smile: i knew i shouldn’t have slept during math in school! You know what the deal is with max shield capacity when triggering the 120% annointment though?

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Sounds like the anointment is bugged. Somehow it’s overriding the artifact. I would verify results with a different weapon. There is an an ointment that buffs hp/shields but it’s supposed to be on a shield. It’s too coincidental that 100% dam = 16k and 120% also equals 17k. Also it is possible that exiting ib counts as reloading somehow. This would explain a 100% dps loss.

exiting IB does not count as reloading(as i’ve originally thought), i had no artifact equipped, the shield had 20% cooldown after skill end. i get ~8500 extra max shield only when i trigger 120% splash damage for 18 seconds. if i use 125% splash damage after skill end, i don’t get extra shield. the shield annointment you’re refeering to is 75% hp and shield after exiting IB, right? i did not have it equipped and the bug only gives shield, not HP. it’s weird, and the only explaination i can think of is that it gives max shield so that topped of in guardian ranks doesn’t begin imidiately, making the cooldown on IB longer so it makes chaining 120% buff harder. but yeah, i’m not sure that’s why though hehe.

100% + 120% = 220% as @darreltan2004 pointed out above so it’s correct, so the damage isn’t bugged - my math skills are.

so many spelling errors, my english is bugged aswell. sowwy.

The only way I see the math on both ends adding up is if the mob has resistance to damage. At least in the post you said the damage max was 17k. It should be 26k.

It’s just so good. I wouldn’t complain. But good to know how it works

I think you got your answer regarding the weird shield interaction.

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Thanks man!