Moze splash damage post update

Hi. First time posting in a character discussion.

On my Moze, I run a splash focus build, deathless, 50 vs 150 rad damage weapons that have splash damage as well. Prior to the update, she was my strongest character killing enemies effortlessly with a plaguebearer even in Guardian Takedown.

Post update however… I noticed her splash damage is even stronger. So much to the point that when I throw a lvl 53 Ghast call directly at an enemy it takes a chunk of damage out. Also using the new Gargoyle pistol takes little effort killing bosses and mobs. Even iron bear tracking rockets and nukes are one shotting.

Any insight on this?


I’ve noticed the same thing, I think something has been altered in Moze’s damage formula or the Splash damage formula.

If can literally blow up the entire screen with the Root Sniper Rifle.

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It’s pretty damn awesome!

They said that they rebalanced some of the passive skills; I’ve been trying to suss out what that actually means since none of the text on the skills has changed.

Some details would be nice. But I can definitely say there is a significant splash damage increase based on feel and killing efficiency.

They’ve changed the way short fuse is calculated. How exactly, hasn’t been completely worked out.

Speccing into Stainless steel bear and Scorching RPMs has always provided a hefty secret bonus to short fuse, however. If your build has recently changed to include these you may see increased performance.

SSB and SRPMs has no affect on short fuse now


Just saw this in the SF thread, good to know! Thanks!

What about action skill damage now since we see more damage from short fuse on higher mayhem levels

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Yeah. I cant seem to not kill myself with any splash weapon even halfway across the map.

I even farmed for a shock Root , equipped a transformer, have no ASEs equipped and a second after the explosion killing the enemy a second one triggers on me and I die.

Have used all these weapons on all three other characters, only having trouble with Moze. Anyone else?

Must be the mind sweeper
These kind of explosions only come from that class mod
Short fuse is less dangerous

I changed mind sweeper and speced out of any additional fire damage, was still getting dotted when I wasn’t outright being killed and the transformer wasn’t helping me with that.

Changed class mods but after all the changes a far weaker version , but I dont one hit myself.

I think the Root will see a nerf. Enjoy it for now, even if it kills you lol. I’m having a riot with it. Clearing multiple enemies with 1 shot in M10 is a blast. Literally.

The only thing that is making the root kill moze is TCP procs?

It’s just splash damage that’s killing her. TCP just increases the chance.

I have been hearing that its killing moze at any range. Is that just some kinda moze interaction/glitch?

It seems kind of random. I’ve been trying to pay attention to the pattern. Seems like direct hits on enemy may reduce the chance of receiving splash damage. I seem to have luck by moving backwards after shooting. Oddly, there are times when I shot an enemy at close range and do not receive splash damage. At this point it seems random. What I do know is that TCP makes it worse.

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Do you have short fuze? That thing seems super powerful now. I have a moonfire that when it procs the boost with short fuze I do 15-20M damage. Everything seems stronger even without IB. Nagata melts trash mobs with pull the holy pin, assuming it procs SF too? ( I can’t tell honestly. )

Grenades and iron bear cant proc short fuse. It only procs off of moze’s gunshots.

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Then the splash bonuses can’t be solely tied to SF. Hm. Think face