Moze splash damage post update

I have been hearing that its killing moze at any range. Is that just some kinda moze interaction/glitch?

It seems kind of random. I’ve been trying to pay attention to the pattern. Seems like direct hits on enemy may reduce the chance of receiving splash damage. I seem to have luck by moving backwards after shooting. Oddly, there are times when I shot an enemy at close range and do not receive splash damage. At this point it seems random. What I do know is that TCP makes it worse.

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Do you have short fuze? That thing seems super powerful now. I have a moonfire that when it procs the boost with short fuze I do 15-20M damage. Everything seems stronger even without IB. Nagata melts trash mobs with pull the holy pin, assuming it procs SF too? ( I can’t tell honestly. )

Grenades and iron bear cant proc short fuse. It only procs off of moze’s gunshots.

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Then the splash bonuses can’t be solely tied to SF. Hm. Think face

Well short fuse was buffed to scale up in damage depending on what mayhem level you are on. At M10 it does x7 damage. Grenades now spawn with m1-10 scaling just like guns. And irons bears damage scales up in m10 too.

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i dont understand that
isnt it always just supposed to deal 75% of the damage that procced it?

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Yeah. Maybe the splash damage buffs are just Moze not sucking with everything but 3 guns.


(I kid. I’m just curious how this is known)

the skill description says it XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Hahaha ohh I’m sorry. I meant the x7 part.

Not since the recent patch. The damage of short fuse will scale up depending on what mayhem level you are on. It deals way way more than 75% of your gun damage. It could do that before but you had to build for it. Now it just does huge damage just for being on mayhem, especially M10.

thats stupid and unnecessary :confused:
i mean
your guns scale already
how is 75% of your mayhem 10 gun not the perfect scaling? XD

I personally think the increase in splash damage is affected by some sort of recalculation of the splash damage variable in general (based on that Moze damage formula thingy). Anything that deals splash damage really shows in damage. Scenarios below…

*Vindicator Ghast Call lvl53 - I prefer this over cloning maddening tracker. Prior to the update I mainly used it for health regen but post-update each skull takes a good chunk out of health despite it being 53.

*Iceburger lvl 53 300/90 - I use this as a mobbing gun in my Moze green/blue tree focus. Again, the burger splash is enough to clear mobs in seconds similar to pre-nerf sandhawk

*Miscreant lvl 60 ASE 100 shock - Another mobbing gun in my Moze green/blue tree focus. This paired with blast master exemplifies the general buff in splash damage via one-shotting mobs.

*Yellowcake lvl 57 50/150 - My eraser gun in Moze blue/red tree focus. This gun took out a room/boss (and you sometimes) in one shot pre patch. Post patch… does the same thing.

Long story short, I think its the splash damage variable that got changed. Guns that you normally ignore (Iceburger, Ghast Call) have really gone up in its viability. That’s what I got from my Moze testing.

Of note…
Moze blue/green tree focus - Blast Master COM
Moze blue/red tree focus - Deathless/Bloodletter

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I like that buff, I’m always hungry for more damage. They should buff it even more to ×10 damage at m10! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I think I have narrowed down the issue and it’s cause. I think it’s an error in the formula/interaction between short fuse and TCP or AOE boosts.

What I’ve found is when I have Short Fuse selected, as well as TCP or an artifact with AOE boost, the explosion is astronomical when Short Fuse activates and inflicts damage on self.

When I remove TCP and an artifact with AOE, this does not happen. Or at-least, did not happen for me. Not sure if others have different experiences.

I’d have to say it’s a glitch/error that will be fixed in future hotfix or patch. I’ll submit a support ticket.

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Short Fuse I didn’t notice any difference with. AOE passive has always increased splash radius btw. This is just a case of the splash radius being increased largely with these skills/passives.

Interesting, points to the issue being related to AOE or TCP, but why it doesn’t happen every shot… maybe has to do with where the shot lands?

Some people are thinking it’s a bug with TCP or the AOE passive and the way the interact with the root. Every time the root projectile splits it keeps increasing its radius over and over again. Just a theory tho.

Working as intended. See this thread here: Warning: Complex Root Working as Intended (Killing Moze)