Moze talents broken atm

Moze Vampyr and Means of Destruction talents are currently broken after the hallowen patch.
Secodary explosions will not trigger either of them.
This makes the whole demolition tree usless.

If this is a sneak nerf they have stated before that they will NOT remove playstyles, just balance and add. This would go way against that statment.

#Fix Plz


Thank goodness someone else is making a message about this I have also emailed them about this issue and I have also posted about this issue on their Twitter this is clearly not a nerf as it better not be because there is nothing about this coming off as a nerd nor was it ever stated in their patch notes. Upon release of the Halloween event her blue tree is rendered damn near useless because of this and they have just announced a hotfix being released soon and none of the notes in this new hotfix coming to the game address’s this issue. This needs to be fixed ASAP I have friends quiting this game because Moze players are resorting to using the well known shield depletion stacking bug instead of reporting this Talent skill bug… And other players quiting because they can’t theory craft anything with this character because one of her entire skill trees are completely bugged.

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At some point it was mentioned that it was unintenal. Hopefull it gets fixed with the next patch.

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Nice to hear.

I was running around blinding myself with a shock Devil Foursum to heal. A really ■■■■■■ playstyle fyi XD
Guess I’ll level up Amara in the meantime

Im running a bm and sor build. I rely on a crappy com and transfusion grenades for healing. Not the best but it works. Would like to find a healthsteal relic if there are any. Then i could use a better com.