Moze, the best guardian takedown runner

1: Iron Bear, with a bear centric build and a rocketeer, kills everything in seconds
2: Crystals keep charging even with enemies inside the area as long as you are in Dakka Bear turret and Bear is inside.
3: well that’s pretty much it, with the skip after the second set of crystals you don’t even have to do the jumping platforms …

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Skips are stupid. I don’t see that as a positive thing when it comes to properly doing the takedowns. It just shows me people are looking for ways to avoid the map, rather than challenge themselves. The jumping platforms are so easy it’s ridiculous.

And it sounds like Dakka Bear is glitching… Which should be fixed by GBX at some point. There’s no way that is an intended action.

All of that being said, it’s good to see Moze on the top of a list like this.


Maybe, but if I have to come with an “ignorant” comeback, “MoViNg PlAtFoRmS aRe StUpIdEr” so after completing the first time a way to skip the is welcome in my book.

Oh and to add to that, she can also skip the last boss’ teleport phase in two ways :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed weird Dakka Bear interactions, as well. During the Scraptrap Prime boss fight, after you kill the waves of scraptraps, if you were to hop into the turret, the boss will actually disappear and force you to fight the wave of scraptraps again. Great for farming!

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Sounds something like you actually dissappear to the enemies? As Moze is invincible in dakka bear and I don’t even think you get targeted? I think as far as the game knows you don’t exist while in DB.

but if you don’t exist while in Dakka Bear, how are you able to charge crystals with it ?

No idea but it works!

Until they fix it

If they are able to or it’s worth it…

Seems a good idea as I still dont know what the hell is insta killing me in the first Crystal charging.
I am sure to be avoiding the big exploding guardians.

yeah in BL2 skips are frowned upon (“Digistruct Peak in 1:30 something” oh you skip to omg, meh!), in BL3 skips are glorified (oh you skip jumping puzzles, you are a GOD! You the Best!).

Don’t know why, lol


Seriously… I’ll never understand why anyone would want to skip… The videos I’ve watched of players doing skips always use either Zane with his super speed or a Driver Amara… Both of which I despise…

On another note, I do wish Zane had more skill tree love.

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“Oh you flew to Wotan and killed it in 30seconds, Badass!!!”

me too Titus, me too.

(you read that in Juno’s voice didn’t you?)


If any one crystal stays on zero charge for too long, it’ll explode. It’s an instant team wipe.

To each their own, I guess?

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Of course… It’s cool to see, but not practical and skips don’t require any skill (related to gameplay). All skips show is where the devs need to fix glitches. So, in the end, these videos provide the devs with info on what needs to be fixed.