Moze The Green Mobster Build

Moze the Green Mobster

Go forth and multiply.

This is a twist on my Maliwan Moze build designed for Mayhem 10. It use the same general principles, but adds in new anoints and weapons to compensate for enemies’ higher health pools.

Skill Tree



This is a fairly standard 1 HP red/green build. The single point into Fire in the Skag Den serves two functions – it increases the number of extra projectiles spawned by the Recursion and the fire DoT that it applies to enemies debuffs them by 5% when the Guardian Perk “Harmagedon” is active.


The core components of build build are the Recursion, the OP Q System, and the Sandhawk:

The Recursion


A shotgun that fires one or two elemental pucks that will seek out additional enemies after they hit their first target – and when a Recursion puck does more one type of elemental damage to a target, it spawns an extra puck. This includes element damage anoints on your weapon, shield, and grenade, as well as Moze’s incendiary damage skills and the bonus corrosive damage from the Green Monster. Stacking 3-4 types of elemental damage can clear out whole rooms of mobs with a single squeeze of the trigger; stacking all 5 will spawn so many bonus pucks that it can easily reduce your framerate to the single digits. The Recursion is a splash damage weapon, so taking a single point of Fire in the Skag Den is a low-cost way to spawn extra pucks.

The most important thing for the Recursion is to get one with the 150% radiation damage when health is under 50% anoint. This is not only a good damage booster, it will also increase the number of projectiles that are spawned on ricochet. The x2 variant is nice, but not necessary, though I would recommend rolling with 2 Recursions with 4 different elements since elemental damage immunity is common at higher Mayhem levels.

The OP Q-System


When engaging single targets, the OP Q System is going to be one of your best options. It has a high base damage and a decent rate; its pellets are kinetic (non-elemental), but they will occasionally explode on impact into a shock explosion. The secondary fire spawns a drone version of the gun that will shoot at whatever target you are currently aiming at. With the skill setup above, you can generally fire two drones before the ability goes on cooldown – and with Some of the Road, you can fire 6-7 immediately after exiting Iron Bear. Look for one with the barrel depicted above and the 150% radiation damage anoint

The Sandhawk


Keep these on hand for bossing, though you only really need a corrosive one for Wotan and other armored bosses. Consecutive hits is probably the best anoint, but the 150% radiation damage is also good.

As of the posting of this build (early May 2020), these are currently some of the strongest guns in the game, so I wouldn’t recommend any substitutions for the time being – with the possible exception of the Monarch assault rifle, if you can get it with the 150% radiation anoint.

Class Mod

The Green Monster


We are mainly using the Green Monster’s corrosive damage to spawn additional Recursion pucks, but it is nice to have with the OPQ and Sandhawk as well. Skill allocation doesn’t really matter with build, but do look for class mods with bonus charge speed for the Recursion.


The Big Boom Blaster


This little guy has it all – fast recharge time, drops boosters that restore 60% of your shields and a grenade, and it can roll with a range of great parts, including capacity, health, amp and power charge. You want one with an elemental damage anoint as this will spawn additional Recursion projectiles.




This build uses a Deathless artifact for the additional shields and reduced recharge delay. I tend to use a Snowdrift Deathless for the additional movement speed, but the Flesh Melter and Ice Breaker can also be good options. Make sure that whatever artifact you go with has at least bonus magazine size as it is the best magazine size buff in the game. The only stat roll I would recommend against is AOE as this increases the damage and size of all splash attacks to the point that you will down yourself with the OP Q-System if you are not careful.


Cryo Hex


This grenade as an incredibly high cryo efficiency, so when it is paired with Fire in the Skag Den, it has an incredibly high chance to apply two status effects to most enemies – which increases their damage taken by 10% while the Guardian Perk Harmagedon is active. “It’s Piss” is an equally acceptable alternative here – it applies a bigger damage debuff, but its throw range is limited. Either way, you will want to use a grenade with the 25% bonus damage on grenade throw anoint.

Here is the build in action against the Mayhem 10 True Takedown with Cartel event active:

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post (Thx @twoPIZZA!)


Name and Link: Moze the Green Mobster
Type of Build: Infantry
Level of Build: 57 - Mayhem 10
Specific Gear Needed: Yes (Recursion, Deathless artifact)
Class Mod Used: Green Monster
Special Notes: Uses Cartel event weapon; No heal, 1 HP build
Architect: roboteconomist

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Is this a replacement for the Maliwan Moze build, or a new one?

A replacement. You can put Maliwan Moze in the retired column for now. I am not going to revisit it until there are more Maliwan guns that can perform at Mayhem 10.

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Im thinking of making an adaptation of this build. If you use capstone of green and blue skill tree. An old god shield, recursion, next 2 mags gives bonus elemental damage anoints, and finally the green monster this setup would work right? Also thinking king/queens call for maybe single targets?

Yes, now that NTM does 100% bonus damage, you do not necessarily need to build around the urad anoint.

Awesome. I’m farming for recursions at the moment. Thanks for clarification.

I’m hoping that it will be pretty good in the new takedown.

Again i say no to this gimmicky build, No offense but not he way I want to play