Moze "The Gunner" a Consecutive Hits Build

Have you tested the grenade boost? Maybe if it’s it works the way you say, I could start using the transfusion grenades instead of vampyr or at least tried them out and see if its viable.

Same man. I have no idea why they put it as a drop at the end of the hardest slaughter shaft. I’m still hoping for a world drop with that annointment one day

There’s a whole thread on the consecutive hits annointment here in the Moze category. Really should read it if you’re making a build around it. A lot of work and testing went into it.

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I’m pretty sure you’re mixing up what stacks and maintains the anoint with what it boosts. Seemingly all sources of damage can maintain the anoint, though it only boosts gun damage which is only applicable to your guns damage and is going to have no impact on IB or grenades.

I personally don’t think it will be fixed. I also mostly avoid making builds around it, but it’s actually kind of difficult to not have extra projectile synergies in builds.

In other words, it is what it is. For now it’s probably legit because it’s so hard to avoid the weird interactions, especially if you’re using Green Monster.

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I’m also using mostly consecutive hit anointed weapons on my Immortal Moze concept with a Bottomless mags build at the moment.

In addition to your weapon selection I also really like:

Gatling Gun

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Super Shredifier
(still farming for a good one with consecutive hits anointment or +125% incendiary damage anointment)

Alien barrel assault rifles
Also really good are the alien barrel assault rifles with “increases damage the longer you fire”, especially the Mngwa after the +35% dahl damage boost from the last hotfix:

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But for bossing and sometimes mobbing I also use dictators (the x3 variant is more consistent on keeping Green Monster and Magazine anointments up and the x6 variant is better for burst damage):

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I think you’re right, was thinking of GM…

iwanted to test the Mngwa so bad, couldnt get one with the right anointment.
it stack up to 100% of the base damge right?

According to the wiki it “increase the weapon’s damage up to 4x of the listed amount”, so +300% of base damage. But this information is for the “Blister”, not sure if its the same for the “Mngwa”. I haven’t tested it myself in detail, but on the “Mngwa” it “feels” like its higher than only +100% of base damage.

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I found one which is unfortunately a engulfing version. Firing 2 Projectiles at 16RPS eats through my entire 222 rounds in seconds. Even when I go for Forge I can’t keep that thing from bottoming out.

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You mentioned stacks being maintained while in IB. Does this mean the stacks are snapshot when you hop into IB? Or that IB can continue to build stacks? If it’s the latter, what do you use apply DoT while in IB?

I also had a question about stacks when switching weapons. If you use a consecutive hits brainstormer to build to 200 stacks, then switch to another weapon with consecutive hits, the stacks reset to 0 right? And will start building off of the shock DoT left over from the brainstormer?

As long as you keep making kills while in IB, the stack is MAINTAINED. It will not increase, but can disappear if you aren’t doing damage.

If you switch weapons with the same annointment, it will maintain stacks. So I would regularly switch between Brainstormer and Redistributors. This is great, because you can switch to a hard hitting single target weapon with this annointment and get 200% increased damage, if you wanted. EDIT: THIS LAST PARAGRAPH IF UNTRUE. More testing has shown the stacks will NOT transfer over a weapon swap.

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Wow, didn’t know stacks carried over between consecutive hits weapons, that’s nuts. Time to farm katagawa ball I guess. I just found a cryo consecutive hits dictator and want to make a build around it.

And I forgot but FitSD applies with IB’s splash so I guess that makes maintaining the stacks a little easier while in IB.

The hard part is making sure you are dealing damage still when you jump into IB, because the animation is long enough that if you don’t have damage ticks going you are going to lose your stacks.

I just haven’t had much luck trying to get consecutive hits to work for me…consistently.

It’s always SOMETHING that breaks the stacks…

Me too slow with grenades,
Me out of grenades
Not paying attention to ammo,
Anoint runs out…
Switching to IB
Falling off the map when I’m distracted trying to pay attention to all the stuff…
wife calling me to dinner…


I mean it’s good…no doubt, but I am not having a lot of luck with the practicality of it.

What matters less so than keeping the stacks up is how fast you can build them. You can hit 200 stacks in just 2 or 3 seconds.

I also tested cryo via hex and while the hex ticks build stacks incredibly fast, as soon as the hex tesla goes away the stacks reset - so cryo’d enemies don’t appear to have a hidden dot that contributes to consecutive hits.

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You talking Fast Fire Weps like a shredder?

Or using something else to apply dots to build stacks which then apply to the gun damage.

I’m probably “doing it wrong”…

I’m talking multi-pellet weapons and DoT. A shredifier would take rather long to build stacks because it only fires 1 pellet at a time. You also can’t go wrong with a weapon that chains and applies DoT like a brainstormer.

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Star Helix
Conference Call

Stuff Like That??

Best grenade to apply consistent, long lasting Dot??

Yea stuff like that would work pretty well. A hex works very well to apply DoT but if you have a point in FitSD you can use CMT to apply fire DoT.