Moze "The Gunner" a Consecutive Hits Build

Looks good :+1:, although I’m not sure about force feedback, there’s a guardian rank perk that recharges you shield on kill and not on CRITICAL kill. I wouldnt use it even if I didnt have that perk.

I’m running a pretty similar build with a different skill points here and there rn, except I go forge instead of tenacious defense. And I switch between recharger or double downer for mobbing and stop gap for Wotan.
I realized that vampyr was not necessary for 95% of the game. I go into FFYL mode a few times (specially during the Wotan fight) but nothing too crazy.
I also use the recurring hex (mostly shock) to ramp up the consecutive hit bonus faster and keep it up while I’m reloading.

I cant complete TTM because of Wotan but is not something that I put as a requirement to say that a build is good or not IMO.

Doesnt look gear dependent to me, at least for m4 standards, every build requires specific gear or anointments. Not using a CMT as your main source of sustain is a huge plus already.

I was inspired by this guy to do a no Vampyr Maliwan allegiance Moze based around consecutive hits anoints. The Hellshock and Recursion can do almost all of the work on their own, but the Cutsman is still the king of damage on large bosses and the Krakatoa has its uses too. Cleared True Takedown Wotan pretty well:

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Damn dude, this is impressive, even more with the 2 projectiles per shot modifier.
that hellshock does some serious work on wotan’s shields.
any reason why you chose the cutsman 50% elemental bonus instead of the consecutive hits?

Don’t have a consecutive hits corrosive Cutsman yet. If and when I get one, I will definitely switch over.

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This is beautiful! A fine work of art!

I’m going to have to break out a recursion now :slight_smile:

Well, two weeks later I farmed (and got via sharing) enough consecutive hits weapons to try several iterations of the build I had in mind.

Sadly, Chadly99 ended up publishing a consecutive hits Moze three days ago while I was finalizing the mine, and his build looks horribly similar to mine, especially because we both ended up using a combo of redistributor+hyperfocus for the TD.

I ended up “stealing” his shield and COM (mine was a +5 SRPM like his but with bad passives) and re-did TTD.
Introducing: Mozecutive Hits

It was a lot of fun, and it’s the second build of my creation that I’ve managed to clear TTD with.

haha thats why i dont watch youtube moze builds.

Congrats man it looks super cool, redsitributor and , props for that 21 shots and nades to the air celebration.

also whats the build? since we are full into extra projectiles mechanics, did you specced points in Selfless vengance

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The build is shown at the very beginning of the video, and it is as it follows:
with 10/5 on SRPM thx to a +5 SRPM green monster com

It actually never occurred to me to use it, but now I think I know where to put the new four points…

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My bad sorry, i jumped straight to the first gate.

i think its the same principle as fire in the skag den, you only need 1 point into it.

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If that is the case even better, I can use three more points elsewhere in the green tree, then

No problem. I always put build, equipment, and modifiers at the beginning of the video :slight_smile: :smile:

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So we’re getting a consecutive hits artifact. I wonder how that will shake things up.


Is that true? I didnt hear anything about it. What’s the effect?

Are we? :eyes:

Has +50 mag and some fire rate. Consecutive hits stacks up to 15% and at max gets an extra 20%

It’s a quest item.

Click for SS (spoiler)

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Are those rolls fixed?

The person above me said fire rate and mines reload so I guess not all of them are.

Bonus stat rolls on that relic arent fixed at all

The bonus for full stacks is also way more than 20%

Guessing it can’t come with a prefix right?

So is that now bis for a consecutive hit build?