Moze the Mali-Cat

In typing this up on mobile while having a slow day at work, so pardon any formatting issues.

So this is the build I have been running with Moze lately, and it is better than I expected. I wanted a build that did not use a cookie cutter Deathless Relic, or a Bloodletter Mod build. I’ve been feeling like there is a good synergy between Moze and Maliwan weapons, and it has been crushing on TVHM mayhem 3. Haven’t tried SS on TVHM yet though.

Things you need:

1.) Westergun smg incendiary/corrosive (preferably binary prefix with 44 or 48 mag size)

2.) ASMD sniper rifle

3.) Blast Master class mod, preferably with Vampyr/Pull the Holy Pin.

4.) Meowze head, of course.

What is so great about this build?

If you notice, all of the maliwan guns we are using deal splash damage. This procs Fire in the Skag Den, and Means of Destruction. More damage, more grenades. You’ll constantly have +100% splash damage with your guns and grenade.

Our primary gun is the Westergun. Used mostly in the incendiary setting, it benefits from Cloud of Lead, Fire in the Skag Den, and Stoke the Embers. It also procs Means of Destruction for constant grenades. As long as you don’t reload, you are getting +100% damage from Blast Master.

The corrosive setting is clearly used against armor.

The large magazine size benefits greatly from the Bottomless Mags tree, since ammo regeneration is largely based on % of magazine size.
Having a second of this gun is ideal, so you can cycle between the two and definitely never reload.

+50% incendiary damage for next two magazines after exciting Iron Bear would be best… Since you never reload, you’ll always have that bonus.

A lot of people may be confused by this, as even after the recent buff it is largely considered a gimmick weapon. However, we are using it not as a sniper rifle per se, but as an easy way to strip shields. The energy orb setting will regularly strip shields of mobs in one or two shots. With Bottomless Mags, mine has a magazine size of 29. It uses one ammo per shot. You can quickly fire out a dozen orbs into a group, switch to your Westergun, and hose down what remains.

I rarely use it to explode the orbs as intended, rather hip firing it and switching guns. Basically using it as a long range shotgun.

Why not Trevonator? This actually works pretty well as a replacement for the ASMD. For some reason I felt it was not regenerating ammo as quickly, and seemed to be eating through ammo more quickly. The orbs also seemed to move slower, and lack precision. Either way, anything with a low/no charge time works here.

This is pretty self explanatory. We are trying to maintain a constant +100% splash damage by never reloading, and using only guns that use splash damage and large magazines. Clearly anything giving +maliwan damage is ideal, but I haven’t found one yet.

Clearly, we want to use Maliwan weapons whenever possible to get the most benefit from Matched Set. Two incendiary/corrosive Westerguns, and an ASMD fills out 3/4 slots. 4th can be whatever you like. You just really want splash damage, and preferably Maliwan.

I’ve been using a purple Mirv torgue grenade in shock flavor.
Anything works though. I think a legendary tran-fusion tracker grenade in shock or corrosive would be fantastic as well, for further shield/armor stripping and health/shield regeneration.
Cryo hex could be another good option. Need to experiment a bit more.

Shield wise I’ve been using the Transformer, but it seems mildly superfluous with Vladof Ingenuity. The 40% absorb chance is always fantastic though. I definitely need to experiment here more.

As far as relics, you ideally would want an Otto Idol in whatever flavor works for you. Victory Rush could work as well, if you are feeling resilient enough.

You have some leeway here: 2 points in Vladof Ingenuity or Matched Set can go into Scrappy. Could also make an argument for pulling points from Full Can of Whoop-Ass and Experimental Munitions. I think FCoWA goes well with Some For The Road, though.

1.) Experiment with grenade mods

2.) Experiment with shields

3.) Depending on grenade mods, ASMD may not have to be used at all, if grenade regeneration is keeping up enough to successfully strip shields with just the grenade.

4.) Experiment with more points into Scrappy, especially if continuing to use ASMD. More of a QoL thing though.

Feel free to comment with any thoughts or critiques!

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I’m kind of sad this didn’t get more traction, but what can ya do?

I use a similar-ish build style, since I really like energy explosives.

You mentioned the Trevonator as a decent option alongside the westerguns, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Both have quickly become some of my favorite weapons to use in the entire game.

Alternative suggestion, and while I know it somewhat goes against the spirit of the Maliwan theme, buuut… The Faisor is a vladof laser rifle which puts in a pretty good amount of work with a great mag size, AND the underbarrel shotgun fires orbs which deal splash damage! It already regens ammo a little bit, and works somewhat like a more accurate but lower velocity Trevonator. I think the animation when out of ammo, swapping back to the rifle, isn’t considered a reload too, so even if you go wild and don’t realize you’re running dry, no consequences!

The Faisor being a vladof also opens you up to other vladof weaponry, specifically the Ogre. It doesn’t come with elements, but anoints can help with that. The infinity can’t run out of ammo, the magnificent for sure won’t with all the ammo regen you’re working with, and I personally have a soft spot for vladof launchers being cannons/recoilless rifles, but that’s just me…

Vladof grenades exist too, whereas Maliwan grenades don’t, which can help your matching set bonuses!

Again, I know this isn’t in the maliwan theme, so… Terror anoints!

Shields AND grenades can come with terror anointments! The two I find the strongest is ammo regen on shield, and damage/fire rate on grenade. With a “25% chance to gain terror on melee” nade and a face puncher, you can hot swap to gain terror (or use the quick eject with auto bear, if that suits you fine). I found a face puncher with the terror on melee gain, which I know is lucky, but… It’s a helluva drug, man.