Moze True Guardian Take Down 18m56s(MS/BM Lucky 7)

You can check the build at the last part.

Nice - I’m saving this for tomorrow’s workout on the elliptical, looking forward to it.

It’s an honor. XD

Nice run!
And nice MS and BM coms…I am jealous.
Question: Was the shield anointment (trigger on shield break/fill) helping you ? If so, how?

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Hey great work! Always nice to see a Moze player completing this type of content. Have you managed a sub 15 minute run? I am trying to break 15 minutes myself with my Flare Build. I try to go for speed to decrease farming times obviously.
This would does look exceptional though. I will have to give it a try.

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Yes when I unlocked AS with capstone of red tree.
But there was no helping on the run. lol

Nice. Good luck. :smiley:

That anointment proc’s Tenacious Defense?

@CommonDefence Yes. It does.