MOZE Unable to regenerate grenades

Since the new patch came online ive noticed on my slash damage moze i am running out of grenades this was never happening before this patch. I am using a purple cloning tracker grenade by altas that divides into 2 then into 3 child greanades and when i throw these at enemies nothing happens MOD does not proc

What happened do grenades no longer count as slash damage anymore why gearbox why do you have to nerf moze yet again while giving amara thorough her new class mod 500% damage increase at the press of a button your balancing is completely broken please fix this asap.


Works, it’s a 6% chance and I do Regen all day. Grenades Regen grenades is meh, use a splash ogre and it’s amazing

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better to use a westergun/kybs worth/trevonator especially in M4

They give you health and grenades as long as they hit BEFORE they start homing. There’s an issue where Homing and Longbow disconnects Moze from the damage they deal for certain skills (and for grenade kills for certain side quests in Circles of Slaughter and Achievements).

The same thing happens for all characters with the Storm sniper rifle and Kill-O-the-Wisp shotgun. The tendrils they spit out don’t even proc extra damage from anointments on the weapon let alone from character skills. They don’t proc Amara’s elemental add for weapons for example, any more than Moze skills.

Tendrils yes, homing no. Homing has no effect on regening health, I Chuck recurring hexs miles away let it home and heals me every time

There’s PC, there’s PlayStation and there’s xbox. Not all have the same issues :slight_smile: .

My ogre honestly doesnt regenerate gernade for crap is that a ps4 only issue? I can shoot a full 96 mag and not get a single grenade

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People were saying something about direct hits with some/all splash weapons weren’t triggering splash-based skills. I think it was PS4 but don’t quote me on it.

Try checking the PS4 tech support section of the forums.

That makes sense since I can easily regen nades with flakker but honestly like no other weapon

Quickest way for me to Regen grenades is actually the brainstormer. It’s arc tendrils proc short fuse

And will crit and apply the mini nades from Mindsweeper class mod as well

if ur using BBB then its potentially because of enemy eat the booster

Regening grenades from big boom blaster is not a problem, he’s having a problem with MoD.

Wait ur saying the short fuse crits or the arc tendrils??

i think he’s saying that the arc tendris crit and spawn mind sweeper micro granades which can crit and can proc MoD and that the tendrils can also proc short fuse, which procs MoD aswell.

But the tendrils can only crit for fl4k actually

Yes, but the tendrils proc short fuse splash explosions which splash damage can crit on it’s own

It becomes crazy in a group of mobs, spec short fuse with a brainstorm and watch it explode hundreds of times to anything is arcing to

I believe the child grenades of the cloning maddeing tracker atlas greanade arent proc MOD