Moze , which relic for damage?

Hello, I use Moze for damage and a mix of shield and ammo.
I like the D.Maggie pistol of 500x6 damage and would like to get more. Is there some cool relic for it ? Where ?
thanks !

Artifacts can roll with a variety of passives. I think in your case you want one with weapon damage and shield points.

Class mods can roll with passives that buff specific manufacturers.

There is no specific location for artifacts and class mods that I am aware of. Try farming Gigamind, as he seems to drop artifacts at a decent rate.

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Many thanks.
Are passive completely random ? I mean, if I farm him every now and then for the next week…I might find every day a different articaft with slighly different passives ? Or number is limited ? Thanks

Graveward drops grave, a artifact that boosts your damage the lower your health is. It is +100% melee, +20% Gun and +15% splashdamage. Since most shield moze builds are at 1 HP, those bonuses are always active. The passives are not good tho, only ffyl and health stuff.