Moze Wishlist for December Patch!

Heyooo Gunners!
With a month till the next big patch, lets start putting together the big items we’d love to see for our best girl!
Not saying these are necessary or balanced, or Moze is broken, or anything like that.
Just thing’s we’ve put in our letters to Psycho Santa :slight_smile:

  1. Fixing the bugs! (Looking at you Iron Bear damage from desperate Measures, and Iron Bear Grenade Spawning annointment)
  2. Ammo regen not being throttled for Heavy Weapons (or if not that, at least say that it’s throttled for heavy weapons on the skill descriptions)
  3. Removing the shield penalties from Bloodletter COMs
  4. Rework Means of Destruction. Make the returns guaranteed, just give fixed cooldowns!
  5. A buff to Vampyr
  6. Barring buffing Vampyr, a way to regen 50k shields under fire without a shock tediore reload.
  7. Change Forced Feedback to heal % of Max health per second for 3 seconds after dealing gun damage. When using a Bloodletter still scale with max health. (From /u/13igTyme)
  8. A good COM for a COV Build (From /u/13igTyme)
  9. A high fire rate IB Weapon that does Radiation damage!
  10. Update the Shield of Retribution tree so that getting a kill allows shields to regenerate for 5 seconds uninterrupted (from /u/VFR_VTEC)
  11. Let terror healing from a shield work with the Deathless artifact (from /u/VFR_VTEC)
  12. Allow immunity from damage on Stop Gap shields shield break effects to work with the Deathless artifact (stop gap, recharger, etc) (from /u/VFR_VTEC)
  13. Better heat scaling on COV weapons from Matched Set (/u/ sonicgundam)
  14. Heat Scaling added to Iron Bank
  15. Action skill changes that make IB more varied (from /u/ Felixthecoach)
  16. Shield Bar when skill is selected (from /u/Baldour77)
  17. Make the Guardian stat “vehicle damage” also buff IB for late game (from /u/Baldour77)
  18. Improved Dakka Bear. Maybe add homing rockets/explosive rounds with the element that IB has equipped. (from /u/Baldour77)
  19. Buff IB’s least used weapons to make them more Viable. Seriously buff the Claws. (from /u/Baldour77)
  20. Allow IB to get a copy of Moze’s Shield (from /u/Baldour77)
  21. Buff the Nuke. At least give it major Knockdown. (from /u/Felixthecoach). Maybe have it leave a large radiation pool.
  22. Everything in this post please.
  23. Faster entry and exit animations for IB (from /u/Krassito)
  24. Add option to Auto Bear to enter and immediately exit (or just summon it next to you to begin with?) (from /u/Fritimes)
  25. Bonus shield for Moze upon exiting Iron Bear if you have Security Bear (from /u/Fritimes)
  26. IB drops ammo on end (from /u/Fritimes)

What about you Vault Hunters?


Change Forced Feedback to be percent health when dealing damage. Have it only scale with max health, and not shield, for balance with a bloodletter. Something like 15%.

And with the new COM let it be great for a CoV build I’m working on.

My wishes…


Added to the list!

  • Update the Shield of Retribution tree so that getting a kill allows shields to regenerate for 5 seconds uninterrupted and Moze would be viable again.
  • Let terror healing from a shield work with the Deathless artifact.
  • Fix grenade regeneration on splash damage bug – it is way too unreliable.
  • Allow immunity from damage on Stop Gap shields to work with the Deathless artifact.
  • Increase the percentage healed per grenade hit from Vampyr so that I don’t have to connect against entire mobs to get decent healing.

Change the wording to:

Change Forced Feedback to heal 15% of Max health per second for 3 seconds after dealing gun damage. When using a Bloodletter still scale with max health.

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along with the new COM i’d like to see better heat scaling with Matched set for COV weapons. or instead i’d rather see it have an effect on weapon break, so that weapons like Embrace the Pain and Pain is Power were more usable. they both have a really cool effect that’s dumpstered by their awful repair times.

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@VFR_VTEC Added!
@13igTyme Corrected!
@sonicgundam Added!

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hmmm that would bunk the synergies force feedback has with the new Tankmans Shield sniper. that thing with a re-router on moze is pretty nasty.

Bug fixes, but they handle those as they’re made aware of them.

Solid survival options in extended fights that doesn’t rely on Vampyr (it’s still plenty strong) or hiding for 20+ seconds. When I have time I want to try a SoR non-Bloodletter setup to see how a regen focus feels for general mobbing content. I could accept Vampyr being a soft-requirement for stuff like Takedowns, but variety is still nice. As is I feel like I have to spend half my points in Blue tree just to have a reasonable defense.

For Force Feedback it might even make slightly more sense to trigger on crit, rather than crit kill (thinking of raids and high health of M4 and beyond in general), with 1-2 seconds of non-interruption rather than ~5 on crit kill. Might work better for long fights. Not everything is easy to crit (grenade crits aside), but better than nothing.

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IB’s Nuke does radiation damage BTW

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Hm… Action skill changes that make IB more varied. Right now it’s just one action skill with different guns while every other VH has 3. (poor Zane dps still hurts, but at least he has toys to play with!)

Here’s a thread I made earlier today that might have some relevant suggestions related to that.

True, but does anyone believe that the nuke is a real nuke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ? It’s dmg is disappointingly low compared to the unaugmented vanquisher.

I posted this in another Thread but…

Here are a few things i wish IB got:

  1. Shield Bar when skill selected to see when it is active or broken or even taking damage. as a moze player are to tell when in the mech sometimes

  2. make the Guardian stat “vehicle damage” also buff IB for late game

  3. Change IB mini turret to scale with IB better and be like homing rockets/ explosive rounds with the element that IB has equipped, because non-elemental point and try to not miss on the turret when someone is running around with moze is way too hard to do, making it a pointless skill.

  4. Buff her least used weapons to make them more Viable, and allow easier scaling for higher Mayhem modes (lower mayhem or none make her too OP if just on skill passives)

  5. buff her damage for general use / scaling, or make IB more viable on non IB builds, as it stands Moze is the only class that has a single type of Ult which u can only change weapons with, and if not building for IB damage becomes weak and only use to to get out of to activate a perk

  6. Allow IB to get a copy of Moze’s Shield

  7. seriously buff the Claws weapons on IB, to reward the risky and dangerous play since must be in their face to make use of them and deal only direct damage no splash damage

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pfff then you are using it wrong >.> use it on normal difficulty no mayhem! it nukes EVERYTHING \O.O/ lol


Off topic: it’s weird to me that they gave it a 380% damage increase over a normal single vanquisher round, but then load up like 20 (wait, is it 36?) vanquisher rounds into one IB arm to start. He quite literally does 10x the damage of a nuke in the same time frame without any augment.

On topic:

Suggestion: Buff the nuke to at least do half a vanquisher volley of damage, and add some cc knockback or electrical effects to it. That offers better return for sacrificing the damage. Like literally make it so he knocks down anointed militants. That way we have more cc options for them considering Amara can shut them down with a push of a button, and no one else can cc them.


side suggestion:

allow the Nuke to place an aoe of radiation damage where it hits as well as place a fire burning effect on enemies hits along side radiation effect

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It could be an augment called “nuclear fallout” that increases damage enemies take. Then get rid of the silly rocket that no one uses and replace it with an angry cat-firing augment.


@Felixthecoach Added! Also, I’m adding a link to your other post because I want all of that.
@Baldour77 Added!

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This is the best fix, IMO. Give her Axton’s Able (but better) in the SoR tree and maybe a mix of Preparation/Quick Charge in the Bottomless Mags.

More controversial: If the rework above happens, rework Vampyr so it scales to the damage dealt with grenades. Let’s say a Fastball has 5k damage. You hit one enemy, you get X% health back of 5k. You hit two enemies in the blast radius with the fastball, you now get x% health back multiplied by the amount of enemies you hit. The tree is about explosions and making bigger explosions with Cross Promotion, so this synergises with that. (Still won’t apply to beam grenades)

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first of all i want entering and getting out from iron bear to be done in maximum of 2 seconds because compared to other characters moze is the most boring to use anointed passives also she have only 1 skill that have how much ? 2 minutes cd ? while amara’s have 20 seconds and can prock anointed with ease tell me how is that “balanced” ? someone should really put this question for the next borderlands show im wondering how it will be answered :smiley:

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my wishful thinking changes :smiley:

auto bear- also makes Moze eject from IB instantly
security bear- gives Moze a copy of the shield upon exit
dakka bear- when IB ends, the turret blows up into say, 5x random ammo/health pickups

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