Moze's After Iron Bear Splash Anointment Left Behind

So while I appreciate the new buff to the after ASE anointments, Moze’s After Iron Bear Exit splash anointment has been left completely untouched. Atm the normal ASE splash anointment went from 125% to 200%, putting it 40% above Moze’s specific IB anointment and completely reversing her previous splash advantage.

Considering the time it takes for Moze to enter and exit IB plus downtime, even with the longer duration from the IB anointment, characters like Amara that can just spam fakegrasp infinitely for virtually no downsides are at a clear advantage. Sure, the IB anointment also gives shields, but as the main splash character Moze should atleast match the normal ASE or even maintain the previous advantage with 240% splash bonus or so.

Hopefully they get around fixing this soon, but after 6 weeks of preparation I really wasn’t expecting something this obvious to slip through.


i think there is still the majority of stuff slipping through^^

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18 seconds vs 8 seconds.


Yeh I’m just worried since phase 1 was supposed to take care of weapons and anointments, while phase 2 and 3 focus on other things completely. This feels more like phase 0.5.

I won’t even mention weapon balance, since most weapons are still useless in MH10… The anointment changes were also badly thought imo, Amara already got by far the most out of the 125% splash anoint since it scaled a ton with the driver, now it’s just crazy. Moze on the other hand got all her top weapons nerfed, no buffs to the old weapons, and no relevant anointment buffs. meh.

If they just move on to the other phases and ignore these missteps it will be months before they get solved.

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I think they’ll buff the class specific stuff in phase 2, probably when the new dlc is comes out, but i feel ya. my best gear is after exiting IB stuff and atm the general anoints are better. It’s a little annoying but I’m sure it’ll be addressed soon. I can’t wait to do 200+% ion cannon damage, I could already one shot some MH10 bosses with it as is.


It doesn’t matter, other characters don’t have a long CD downtime. Amara can spam it for literally 100% uptime 200% splash. Also Moze wastes time entering and exiting IB which puts your dps at 0 for atleast 2 seconds, which I think is why the IB anointment was 160% vs 125% normal ASE.

@Bewareofbear Yeh hopefully, although they did change another Moze anointment in this ‘phase’

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they only did 6+ weapons and smgs xD

Also increases your shield capacity. (doubt that’s ever been intentional though)

They buffed that one today.
Now idk why they choose that one over all these other bad anoints but at least its something., probably in preparation for phase 2 or for people that play in lower mayhem levels.

  • After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% critical damage.
  • After exiting Iron Bear, the next 3 magazines will have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling
  • While Auto Bear is active, constantly regenerate 8% of magazine size per second

Im with you, this is certainly annoying so lets wait and see what they do on phase 2.

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Am i the only one that’d rather see the annointment % lowered across the board? They shouldn’t make or break a weapon…


Lower anointments and enemy HP would fix something


I really hope phase 2 gets the action skills in the mayhem buff map. I didnt get the chance to play again yet, i will later today.
But so far, i like what i see. But i seriously dislike WHAT I DONT SEE.

Autobear annointments shouldnt count as “we’ve buffed this to make iron bear builds more viable.”
My iron bear build is not axton 2.0
My iron bear build, is get in bear, and see stuff die. THIS, i dont see it happening anymore in the later mayhems.
I like that the HP has been toned down and i still have to test it. But if i cant reach mayhem 10 with iron bear, oh im gonna be piss’d.

“But frosty, its not obligatory to play mayhem mode.”
Hell if i know. And starting today, im cleaning my loadout of mayhem weapons to make iron bear viable for my fun. Im gonna get the raw taste of the new takedown without suffering for my dear friend.
Not the coop one. Iron Bear. Mi bebé.

Seriously expecting some action skill fixes for phase 2.
Iron Bear is not a turret, gearbox. IRON BEAR IS NOT A TURRET!!!

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I won’t get into spoilers, but the folks datamining the new patch appear to have found evidence that something is brewing on the IB front.

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Iron Bear is going to need some serious buffs/changes to even start to compete with Amaras phase grash / Fl4k gamma burst and Zanes shield.

Can Iron Bear get the boosts from jump pads in the raid?

It worked in the base game, so I don’t see why not.

More anointment changes are planned in Phase 2 so here’s hoping that they come back and address this and other Moze anointments.

[…] We know the community will find the builds that do the most damage, but we anticipate a greater amount of builds made and played for fun after we make these changes. Additionally, we will look at all Anointments to enable a more even playing field between them all.

mech size sigh
Annointments. Sheez. I dont want to go around looking for a gun with the “make iron bear viable” annointment. I already threw away 3 whole days farming for an iron bear annointed grenade, a specific quasar grenade.

One of my favorite guns is the Soulrender. Absolute unit. Im gonna have to grind the tentacles DLC until i get a new one with m10 bear annointments?

…i know i sound pissy but i actually dont mind, i just find it a bit of a bother. Id rather have a built in mayhem escaling bear in the code and run with that.
But at this point i will take anything i can, even annointments, to make my dear chonker deal damage up there with the big bois.

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Exactly. I’m waiting to see how it’s implemented but the whole premise of the change (that there isn’t enough gear that effects AS, so we’re adding more gear specifically for them) ignores how there are already several anointments that work for most AS except pets and autobear. Thankfully one of them (ASE splash) was just buffed, but rather than making the stats we already get on relics and artifacts more applicable, they’re going to seemingly toss RNG AS bonuses on gear.

And in all honesty, there are very few bonuses they could add that would give you as much damage as just fixing bugs associated with AS. If IB’s other arm received the same bonuses its main one did, and if the pet damage on all of FL4K’s Hunter skills and cryo damage worked, you’d gain massive amounts of damage.