Moze's Autobear class mod = not working!

The legendary class mod for Moze that allows the bear to stay up and running for long time, seems to be buggy/glitching… I like to run my moze with an autobear build that uses said class mod- and now, I no longer want to play as her because the bear goes poof shortly after exiting!

as an example- Take the Cistern of Slaughter round 1= the class mod works as promised, the bear stays up and running providing support… by the time we get to round 2-3-4-5 the bear disappears almost as soon as I eject. And no, the bear wasn’t being damaged by attack nor was it standing in goo on the ground… it takes a A++ mod and turns it into a F- P.O.S. now I don’t want to play with Moze any more …

please fix! Sorry if this post is in the wrong area/category.


This is happening to me on PS4 but it is only happening when I join another lobby. It’s very annoying and hope it gets fixed as well. It’s the Rocketeer class mod

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One year has passed, but this bug is still present.

This Rocketeer bug has started to affect me since the mayhem 11 update on Xbox one. No problems with it before.

I have this problem but only in co-op mode on my Xbox one S, it is a really big PITA since I try to level friends up with her but can’t☹️