Moze's Iron Bear is ducking?

When I use Iron Bear I get stuck in a crouch mode? It’s like I have no legs. I don’t get kicked out, I’m just on my stomach it seems.

Is there a duck button I can’t figure out?

If I’m just dumb please let me know because this is driving me nuts

You’re not crouching. It must be a glitch. Iron bear and flak’s pets are super tiny. Use photo mode and you can see it.

It’s been happening to me too.

If I linked it right you should see a mini IB. It’s an April’s Fool thing

Oh gotcha, that makes sense. In the little iron bear you get smacked around hard. He goes flying haha

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So it’s an april fools thing?

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Yes. It’s AF thing. Pretty funny seeing IB in size of action figures. Same with mini pets of Fl4k, and Zane Clone

Oh well I wish they hadn’t messed up my view, it’s hard to play. Feels like something is wrong.

Can I turn it off? I’d like to be normal size again

Unsure. Probably here to stay for a day just for the laughs. Might go away tomorrow. I do see the view thing is an issue. Bit of a bad move on GB part for not keeping the view the same

Or allowing me, a new player, to turn it off. I thought something broke

After reading this, I think this is what maybe giving me my problem. Sounds like it’s time to stay away from borderlands again just like I had to with Halloween havoc.