Moze's issues and suggestions - 03/2021

First of all, english is not my mother language, I still trying my best to learn it better, but I love the game and its community and really wants to be part of it, so any mispellings, please, excuse me and feel free to point it for good

Since the new DLC and raid boss are right around the corner, I thought that would be good to bring to attention some of the most proeminent Moze’s issues that really difficults a better experience with her. Dont get me wrong, she is my main, I absolutely love playing with her, but there are things that just doesnt make sense to still not working one year later

Russhin Offensive: on March 24, 2020 Moze received a awesome buff to that skill that gave her life steal while sprinting. While it drastically increased her survivability, for whatever reason it took away her ability to start sprinting while already shooting, a thing possible before, which made the skill kinda counterproductive with things like Green Monster and Sapper, or even with itself since if she cant run while shooting, she cant sustain herself at max potential. Zane’s Fugitive skill is pretty much OG Russhin Offensive without life steal so I cant just accept he being able to run and shoot better than her - SHE is the run’n’biiiiiiirrrlllll character. I can understand that, if this change was intentional, is due to the fact that it would turn Moze into a unstoppable force (yes, Gaige, you still in my heart), but just reduce her percentage of life steal instead to balance things, add a little cooldown, something to allow her to run and shoot freely again

Green Monster: at this point I think its intentional, but I would love to see Click, Click getting fixed to roll with more than +1 on it. All the skills in this COM synergizes really well between themselves and its legendary effect and 6/3 on Click, Click would give Moze a great source of damage for her green tree and infinite builds not so reliable on splash.

Harmonious Havoc: I posted a video a while back showing that getting out of Iron Bear disables that skill to the gun in our hands. If we swap in-swap back it turns on again, but we lost our ASE annoint on the gun

FiSD, Short Fuse and Big Surplus: I know that being extremely powerful is a lot of fun, but I dont want Moze to be a broken character like Sal was in BL2. I want to see my whole build destroying, all skills and gear working together to give me damage, not just 2 (3 if you have Designer’s Cut) carrying me easily through any content. Please, fix the Mayhem scaling to those.

Eternal Flame: could you add some kind of damage to it, like, 50% extra damage as fire to all sources of damage? I know that Big Surplus already do that, but more damage is always welcome. Thats a really useful COM, but actually just to equip, proc and swap.

Scrappy: could you change the gun damage bonus to just overall damage bonus, like FL4K’s Interplanetary Stalker, Amara’s Burn Both Ends? I know it is really hard to happen, but what if. A little buff to the gun swap speed, mode and handling would be nice too

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Regarding harmonious havoc, I can see HH icon after exiting Iron bear. Is it working correctly?

It’s working, but not completely correctly.

The bug is minor compared to its former state, and if you can match about 3 or more gears I’d say it’s definitely a skill worth pickup.

I want you to consolidate the Bear weapons in anoint into one.

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Unfortunately, video seems not to play.