Moze's means of destruction broken again? Not getting respawns from ANY grenade source

So I’ve tested this now using a variety of grenade sources.

Ghast call
rubberized sticky
bouncy homing mirv
rain + mini mirv

Not a one is returning grenades no matter how many I chuck. In the case of the thumper it’s specially glaring given that i’ve seen blast radii hitting entire packs of enemies with torgue cross promotion procs.

Other sources such as the devastator and echo are returning next to nothing compared to previous respawn rates, even my x5 atlas rocket launcher is barely proccing to even refund rockets.

No offense GB, but I hope this is just a glitch, unless there’s something I’m missing. Because if this is intentional you’ve pretty much made splash moze builds flat out useless.

EDIT: ok i see in patch notes means got a timer added, which is meh. But doesn’t change that i’m still getting zero respawns from any grenade source. Which is kinda THE POINT

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I was playing my Moze character last night, and I can’t confirm, but was thinking something seemed wrong with the grenade respawn. I don’t know if the timer nerfed it so bad that it sucks now, or if there is something else wrong with it.

Sorry y’all having that experience. Maybe it’s the type of nade? I use a mind sweeper with a Maggie, an ogre, and the below nade mod. As long as I don’t spam too much, I seem to always have nades when I need.

Here’s my build . I don’t know why I got dakka bear other than to laugh when I accidentally get in. Anyway, I’ll jump out of bear, shot the Maggie until reload, swap to ogre and throw several nades for constant regen and then jump back in after a few seconds.

It’s beautiful for mobbing humanoids and is decent on guardians. It suffers from boss issues, so I carry a scorge and unforgiven there. I’m trying to get an anointed low level ward shield next to pump up my dps and health regen.

In any case, with that build going on, you won’t be lacking nades, I don’t think

I’ll wager it’s the ogre’s massive splash spam giving back the grenades, i’ve seen the same using the devastator or other rapid splash damage sources.

But try just throwing grenades without using guns and you can see the issue. I’ve got a similar mirv homing grenade and testing with it (or any grenade) alone, and i could not generate a single respawn going from the athenas drop pod clean to the graveyard. Either worst RNG ever . . . or?

That’s half the demolition woman build tree in a nutshell gone. There is ZERO chance grenade respawn with guns only is a working as intended when it clearly says any splash source. I get nerfing things like the hex, annoying as that was. But the skill still feels borked in some regards.


Yeah I didn’t mean to imply that something isn’t wrong. I agree. And even with the ogre, shooting something like 300 rounds a minute, it takes a while to see one new grenade appear in my reserve. Depending on the type of scenario, I have to carry a ruby’s wrath just to maintain rockets and regain grenades. (life hack btw, up to 3 nades per trigger pull if they all hit something)

I know they said the global cooldown is about 0.3 seconds, But I think they limited the sources for that cooldown, which changes with magazine size. Every round you fire from the ogre probably has some base percent chance to proc, and every single round from a rocket has a higher chance due to limited magazine. Ruby’s works so well because the game forgets that there are really 7 projectiles, so they all have a higher chance to refill collectively.

Sorry, that was a long reply. Hope it makes sense. Doesn’t really explain the nade issue unless they have an entirely different formula which just screws them over (probably haha)

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Was curious about this so I just ran around chucking 'nades without firing a single shot and it was actually less likely for me to NOT proc regen. In fact, when the dust settled I was maxed out. Probably got lucky because I’ve definitely had instances during regular gameplay where my 'nade stock would dip but I can’t recall ever running out. Not sure it matters, but I use a shock-clone-jump-bounce-longbow.

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