Moze's next OP grenade the Ghast Call!

This just might be the best grenade in the game! Perfect for post nerf moze!

From my testing it’s really not that good. Barely procs MoD or Vampyr.

It freaking one shots everything though!

It’s not that great man…not like the HEX was a long time ago…

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I was having trouble in slaughter shaft with all the armored badasses but this melts the shield and armour so it’s not bad in my book.

Makes sure you have Torgue Cross Promotion fully leveled, it not only doubles the Corrosive Blast but it can also double the Homing Skull effect.

This is definitely going to get nerfed :frowning:

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I killed a Loot Ghost in Athenas and it dropped two of these grenades, one of which had a ‘Roided’ prefix which boosts grenade damage by 20%. Even with a -50% corrosive damage modifier, it was ripping through armoured badasses in M3 Slaughter Shaft.

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