Moze's Performance at Mayhem 10

I wanna start a thread and discuss how Moze performs now in Mayhem 2.0 level 10. This is mostly a list of your experience, gotchas, and surprises RIGHT AFTER the patch.

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I mean, I’m surprised at 12.500% Health, Armor and shield :rofl:

  • Proving Grounds Fervor M10 is doable. It’s not terribly crazy but the enemies soak up a LOT of damage. I would say it feels more “Mayhem” gameplay

  • You can reroll modifiers but it’s funny every Very Hard modifier sounds scary.

  • IB doesn’t feel it scaled but he does acceptable damage.

did anyone check if force feedback has an internal cooldown? because that ■■■■ sounds really damn good

Oh why am I getting a pre Mayhem 1.0 drop in Mayhem 2.0? I thought I am supposed to get an item with M10 suffix?

Doesn’t look like gear is marked by its Mayhem level. I picked up an Ogre on Mayhem 6 that does 2k damage per shot.

Star Helix doing 2.7k x 3

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Can anyone clarify why there are easy,medium,hard,very hard categories and how do I just pick Very Hard from the get go?

Check the Mayhem 2.0 post in the News section

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So to confirm, all modifiers are applied in my image above. You do not actively select a modifier difficulty, it is applied based on selected Mayhem level with M10 applying 4 modifiers from each category easy,medium,hard,very hard.

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one of the very hard modifiers gives BONUS crit damage.

Yes you read that right.

easy M10

first M10 graveward run gave 1 non annointed black hole with 8K shield base Kappa

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Rogue Lite will be the death of me. GOOD LUCK

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New shield. Got it at M10


There are also new annointments, just saw one with with 150% bonus radiation damage when below 50% health. Happy 1HP noises.


So should I just run at m10 and start accumulating the gear… Wainwright only just took off into Cursehaven with Hammerlock hot on the trail (pun)

I guess the wedding is on hold until Moze slays this Joey schlep

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new anointment


I can hear Deathless builds laugh maniacally in the distance…


I saw a gunner specific one that causes elemental critical hits to explode :eyes:



“On action skill start, activate any effects that activate on shield break or fill” (shield anoint)

I guess all the moaning was for nothing these are awesome

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