Moze's Performance at Mayhem 10

Has someone figured out if an item is from M8-9 vs M10. When trading, I don’t wanna be scammed with an M9 weapon lol. But there’s no visual way to tell at least for me

While an action skill is active constantly deal novas that deal 12549 damage :eyes::eyes::eyes:
Works in iron bear

Gain 300% weapon damage against enemies with >90% health

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you get a different amount of mods depending what level you have set. mayhem 1 would be 1 easy, M2 = 1 easy& 1 medium… and so on . i think mayhem 8 will be most optimal as its 1 easy and 1 very hard. plus you are able to farm ALL items at that level, so good luck hope it helps

I know this is a Moze thread, but that anointment on a Frozen Heart shield will allow you to spam instant-freeze novas while spamming Rakk Attack.


Cheeseburger anyone?

Found a Hyperian Shotgunn named Iceburger. It’s similar to Laser Sploder

While sliding build up energy that refills a portion of your shields :eyes:

5 runs on graveward at m10 and barely anything better than before last one he dropped 1 legendary lol.

Gonna try takedown see if it’s any better

Found on my Amara but could be good for Iron Bear:

“While Action skill is Active, reduce incoming damage by a small amount”

Might help IB in higher levels or work for Auto bear. I’ll test a little later. Mostly just running the event. Also found a new Tediore SMG, Needle Gun.

“Needle gun applies a stacking vulnerability debuff on the enemy. At max Stacks, additional damage refills needle gun’s magazine. This has a cooldown.”


Like a Lump, except the energy ball is also a singularity grenade.



So can we jump straight to Mayhem 10? Hm

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I was able to brute force my way through Slaughter Shaft with some of my highly optimized builds.

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I found an unanointed Breath of the dying that blows my old breath of the dying out of the water and is actually higher then a M6 breath of the dying with anointmen.

from what I see its more like only weapons and grenades are getting increased stats


“Gain 300% weapon damage against enemies above 90% health”

Would be great with zero ammo rocket build.

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That anointment would be great with a Deathless Moze.

it fires stickies, and its STRONK


Man… I’ve been grinding Fallout 76 with the new Wastelanders update. Now I don’t know what I want to play.

Has anyone been able to test to see whether the “200% damage while action skill is active” applies to IB?

Enemies are very resilient to damage now, so fuel is again a bigger issue. Curious if this changes once we know all the anoints and how they interact with Iron Bear.

I just found a 150% grenade damage while active. Could be good if they ever fix the other anointment for IB tossing a grenade.