Moze's Phalanx Doctrine stopped stacking once added 1 pt. in Selfless Vengeance

Is this happening to anyone else?

I just got the ability to add mods. I picked up a mod that gives +2 to Phalanx Doctrine, it was all good for a while and the stacks were coming. Then I leveled up and added that 1 point to Selfless Vengeance and the Phalanx stack no longer appears.

Could be just a visual bug, but I don’t have the time to check the numbers, sorry.

Is this as intended and the function of Selfless negates Phalanx?

Aggravating because at this early part of the game, I was able to really dig into hghr level enemies as the stacks grew , and lover the idea being able to add stacks ‘passively’ from burn deaths.

There is a bug in the game where some mods unlock skills that they shouldn’t

Skills from mods should only unlock if they’re able to have points spent in them

You don’t have to spend skill points like in B2 but you have to have “unlocked” them