Moze's Rocketeer Mod

Hey guys, I am curious about this mod and what it does for Moze. I haven’t tried this mod before, but now thanks to the buffs to Iron Bear I think this would be useful. I wanted to ask those who have tried using this mod.

My version has extra points to Cloud of Lead, and it goes past the 5/5 skill point allotment. Would this make my Moze have potential unlimited fire rounds? Cuz that would be pretty badass.

Any points beyond in cloud of lead only boost the incindiary bonus and wont lower the number of shots between free shots

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Oh? While I kinda get it, that sucks. But at least the Auto Bear effect is cool, so I’ll see if this can be useful.

It might be a better com if IB actually pursued enemies / kept up with you

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Considering how the AI for FL4K’s pets work, I’m not sure if that’s gonna be helpful or not.