Moze's Security Bear skill

What is the incentive of Moze’s Security Bear skill? Does it synergize at all with the rest of Moze’s skills in the Shield of Retribution tree? For example, does Iron Bear do more damage with shields active (Armored Infantry), activate Moze’s kill skills or proc Forced Feedback on critical kill?

Just wondering if it is worth the one point to put into my build.

Best I can figure, it’s a safety net for auto bear, and to extend your IB DPS, in a way. If the mech is destroyed, as in all its armor is gone, you’re forced out of the mech but auto bear doesn’t trigger. And if your mech is destroyed before all your fuel is expended, you miss out on whatever damage your two weapons could have inflicted. The shield just does what you think it does. It gives your mech a shield to negate some damage before its armor starts being chipped away, same as personal shields.

And no, it doesn’t synergize with Armored Infantry.