Moze's Skill Trees, as noted by me

I took the liberty of writing out Moze’s skills for those who don’t want to spend all day watching a vid and listening to someone else commenting. Happy Building Vaulters.

Moze: The Bot Jock.

WA- Weapon Augment, W- Weapon

Demolition woman-

V-35 grenade launcher (W)

Fire in the Scag Den: (5) Whenever Moze deals Splash Damage, she deals increased Fire Damage. +3

Deadlines: (3) Firing Iron Bear weapons uses less fuel. Killing an enemy while in Iron Bear increases Fuel. Fuel Returned: +2% Fuel cost: -10%

Grizzled: (5) Killing an Enemy Reduces Moze’s cool down time. -1s
Vanquisher Rocket Pod: (W) Launches Volley’s of unguided Rockets

Stainless Steel Bear: (5) Increases shields and Fuel for Iron Bear. Fuel: +4% Armor: +6%

Torgue Cross Promotion: (5) Any Splash Damage dealt by Moze has a chance to double in size. +3%

Means of Destruction: (3) Whenever Moze deals Splash Damage, there’s a chance to return ammo to her equipped weapon, with a smaller chance to return a grenade. Ammo: +3.3% Grenade: +2%

Shaped Charge: (WA) Direct hits with the V-35 deal increased Damage
Musical Chairs: (WA) V-35 has a chance to fire a singularity grenade every 7th shot.

Pull the Holy Pin: (3) Moze’s Grenades have a chance to score Crits to deal increased damage. Damage: +10%

Auto Bear: (1) Iron bear remains in place for a short time, auto targetting enemies and rushing forward to explode when depleted. 15s

Active Tracking: (WA) VRP now has Homing Rockets and increased Reload speed. Hold down the fire button to paint up to 6 targets and release to blow them sky high. Reload: +25%
Target Softening: (WA) VRP deals reduced damage but fires in a 6 rocket spread. Enemies hit by this take increased damage from all sources. Damage Dealt: -74% Enemy Damage: +15%

Why can’t I carry all these grenades?: (3) Increases Moze’s Grenade Capacity. +1

Vampyr: (5) Whenever Moze damages an enemy with a grenade, she steals some health. +4% per enemy hit

Locked and Speed-Load: (WA)V-35 increases reload speed and fire a 5-grenade burst. Reload: 25%
To the last: (1) Moze gains the ability to toss grenades in FFYL. If she kills with a grenade, she is refunded 1 grenade.

Explosive Punctuation: (5) When Moze deals Splash damage, her ability cooldowns reduced briefly. Cooldown: +5%

Hammerdown Protocol: (WA) Instead of a volley, the VRP fires one rocket with a Nuclear Payload. Damage: 380% Mag size: 1
Short Fused: When Moze deals gun damage, there’s a chance of causing a secondary Explosion centered on the target. Chance: 20% Damage: 75% of gun damage

Shield of Retribution-
Railgun (W)

Selfless Vengence: (5) Whenever Moze reloads, she loses some health, but grants additional damage to her and her allies rounds for a few seconds. Fire Damage: 3% of gun damage, health removed: 1%, Duration: 5 Seconds

Security Bear: (1) Iron Bear gains a Bubble Shield. Delay: 5s, 20% of IB’s health added as Shields

Armored Infantry: (5) While Moze’s shields are active, she gains Damage Reduction and Gun damage increase. Gun: +3% Reduction: +2%
Bear Fist: (W) Punchy Mech

Vladoff Inginuity: (5) Shield Capacity Increase and increase resistance to shock damage. Max Shield: +6%, Shock Resist: 10%

Thin Red Line: (3) Health decreased to increase shields. 20%

Drowning in Brass: (5) Killing an enemy adds a stack of DIB, which reduces fire rate and increases gun damage. damage: +4%/stack, FR: -0.5%/stack, Max Stacks: 3

Hell on Rails: (WA) Fire Damage: Increases Fuel drain per shot. FD: +30%
Capacitive Armature: (WA) Shock shots splinter off and deal reduced damage to other enemies. Splinter damage: -75%

Full Can of Whoop-Ass: (1) Entering Iron Bear causes Moze & friends shields to recharge at an increased rate. +25%

Experimental Munitions: (1) When Moze scores a critical hit, she deals increased Fire damage. +10% of the damage dealt

Wild Swing: (WA) Bear fist deals bonus random Elemental damage. +35% of Damage Dealt
Close the Distance: (WA) Bear fist launches out and drags an enemy over to you.

Desperate Measures: (3) Mozes Gun Damage is increased the lower her health is. up to +17%

Behind the Iron Curtain: (3) Moze’s recharge delay is decreased and speed’s increased. Delay: -8% Speed: +7%

Corrosive Sabot Round: (WA) Fires reduced damage rounds that explode. Reduces fuel drain and increases Mag size. Fuel: -50%, Damage: -50%, Mag Size: 2 Corrosive
Phalanx Doctrine: (5) Kill an enemy for a stack. Stacks increase shield capacity and Gun damage. stacks last 30s. Gun: +2/stack, Shield: +3/stack

Force Feedback: (1) When Moze scores a Crit, her shields start recharging.

Shockhammer: (WA) Rapid-fire punches. Decreased fuel drain and increased Shock damage. Fuel: -40% Shock: +19%

Tenacious Defense: (1) When Shield depletes, it restores a bit and gun damage is increased. Gun: +12, Shield: +40%, Duration: 30s

Bottemless Mags-
Miniguns (W)

Cloud of lead: (5) Occasionally Moze’ and Iron Bears shots won’t consume ammo and deal additional fire damage. Bonus Fire Damage: 2.25 %, Every 8 shot doesn’t consume ammo.

Dakka Bear: (1) Adds a manned turret to the back of Iron Bear.

Matched Set: (5) Moze’ currently equipped weapon gains a larger magazine and decreased heat per shot for every piece of equipped gear that has a matching manufacturer.
Mag Size: +2%, Heat: -2%
Salamander: (W) Flamethrower that uses up Fule (time spent in Iron Bear)

Scrappy: (5) Increases Handling. While moving, weapon swap and Mode Switch speeds are increased. Handling: 7.5%, Weapon Swap: 7.5%, Mode Switch: 7.5%

Redistribution: (1) After scoring a Critical Hit, Moze regenerates ammo. 5% of Magazine for 3 seconds.

Stoke the Embers: (3) Increases Fire Damage for both. +10%

Let off some Steam: (WA) Minigun deals more damage the more heat it builds up and can be fired longer before over heating. Damage: Up to +80%, Heat Capacity: +35%
General Winter: (WA) Mingun Fires Cryo-rounds which decrease heat, fuel drain, and Weapon Damage. Fule: -40%, Damage: -30%, Cryo Efficiency: +20

Rushin’ Offensive: (1) Moze can sprint and Shoot at the same time

Scorching RPM’S: (5) Moze gains increased Fire Rate and Crit Damage. FR: 1.5%, CD: 2.5%

Fuel Economy: (WA) Decreases Salamanders Fuel drain. Increases movement speed after damaging an enemy with Salamander. Fuel: -25% Movement Speed: +25% for 3s
Chemical Warfare: (WA) Salamander deals Corrosive Damage, Melt Damage increased. +50%

Specialist Bear: (1) Equipping two of the same weapons on Iron Bear increase their damage. 10%

Iron Bank: (5) Increases Mag size: 4%

Exploding. Bullets. : (WA) Minigun fires Explosive Rounds that deal increased Splash Damage but is Fire rate is Decreased. FR: -75% Damage: 126%
Some for the Road: (1) Moze gains infinite ammo after exiting Iron Bear. 5s

Click, Click… : (3) Moze gains increased gun Damage as her Mag empties. up to 12%

Molten Roar: (WA) Salamander Burst Fires 3 projectiles at increased Fuel Rate. The First leaves a Fire area. Fuel: +25%

Forge: (1) Moze constantly regenerates ammo for her equipped weapon. 1.5% of mag/sec


A shade too late :slight_smile:


I love Moze so much.

However the Bottomless Mags capstone, “Forge”, sounds underwhelming to me.

Forge: (1) Moze constantly regenerates ammo for her equipped weapon. 1.5% of mag/sec

Say the average mag size is 30 ammo deep. That means that she returns 1 round every 3 seconds… That sounds really weak.

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Glad to read I’m not the only one that finds Forge too weak. My guess is that they balanced it around Children of the Vault weapons which often have a magazine size of 200+, which is understandable, as those could literally Regen a dozen bullets per second if the Regen was 5% per second. But I would rather have Forge regen 5% of a magazine’s ammo per second with 2% regen for COV weapons and Rocket Launchers to please all sides of the coin.

Edit: Alternatively, they could use reverse psychology in phrasing and give every weapon a flat 2% ammo Regen, but weapons with a mag size of 100 or less, except Rocket Launchers, receive a higher regen of 5%.

Forge isnt meant to be used alone. There are at least two skills that synergizes with it.

Obviously, but as a capstone it doesn’t feel like it stands out enough. It feels like “just another ammo regen Skill”. To be honest, the skill “Some for the Road” feels more impactful as it makes you spam Rockets for 5 seconds.

Edit: Also, if you’re a good shot, then “Redistribution” is literally a better skill in battle and thats just a tier 2 skill.


Yeah, and they complement each other. As the +Mag size skill.
It is basically Gunkerzing ammo regen, but the skill tree lacks one fundamental thing: the chance to not consume ammo on shot. This is what makes ammo regen a good thing, as even 1 ammo you regen has a chance to be more than it.

As it is now, even with the backup skills I do agree that is kinda Meh.
But a Vladof set with Matched Set and an absorb shield, if they are still a thing, could make Forge stand out.

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As a correction to this, currently the page only works if you got to and then click on Moze from there.
It’s still a work-in-progress, with no icons, but everything else seems fine:

Wouldn’t that be an awesome capstone? A chance of up to 20% to not consume ammo. The higher the mag size of your current weapon, the higher the chance (max chance at a mag size of 50+, minimum chance 5%).

Would Vampyr have diminishing returns considering it says “restore a portion” or no?

It restores an amount relative to your missing HP, so if you’re missing 100 HP, you get 20 HP back (at 5 points).

Thanks, good to know I just can’t read for crap

Forget what I said, Moze does have a skill that lowers ammo consumption. “Cloud of Lead” (one of her Tier 1 skills) at 5 points makes every 4th shot not consume ammo. So, yeah, reading seems to be too hard for me xD

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Sorry to say but the links to the skill build sites seem to be down…

Even then I’m not sure Forge stands out. Sal needed the regen because of how much ammo he consumed. Between his action skill technically doubling his consumption, his nearly 3x max fire rate bonus, and the low accuracy of hip fire he wasted so much ammo.
Even with a relic and class mod Moze might not even get half the fire rate Sal has before any gear is factored in for him, some Moze’s might even end up with negative total fire rate. Her action skill technically eliminates ammo consumption which means all the skills that increase the ratio of time spent in the mech to outside of the mech are also ammo mitigation skills.
You can definitely build for a big magazine that makes Forge regen a lot of ammo and synergize that with skills like Cloud of Lead, but Moze really has zero need to do that.

Her Ammo regen skills are meant to support Vladof weaponry imo, so the fire rate is comming from them.
Forge, Some for the Road, Cloud of Lead and the +Mag Size helps with not needing to reload in combat so you get DPS.
If Moze had Salvador fire rate too, she would be insane.
She does not have the ammo consuption doubled neither the accuracy loss.
My point is that Forge seems bad for a capstone, but when you put ALL skills you spec to get there in the equation, turns out into a solid result.

I like what they are doing with the skills this time. Instead of “hey, I need that capstone so Im going to spec the best skill I can to get there” seems like “hey, a lot of skills synergize to make that capstone better”.

This is just one way to build her, ofc, as you can go a) grenade focused, b) Iron Bear focused or c) Non-stop shooting focus.

Very well said. But now that I think about it that way, I could just as easily see a simple damage buff as a capstone. The bigger the magazine of your current weapon, the higher the bonus. Because, while the skill tree saves a lot of ammo on its own, it has few damage buffs. And something that actually buffs big mag weapons would synergize pretty well, wouldn’t it?

Something like this:
Weapon damage up to +40%
Max bonus at a mag size of 100+

It might be Overkill though as she already has more gun damage buffs than the Amara and Zane.

Alternatively, and many might not like my idea, but she could have a capstone that just greatly improved Vladof weaponry.

Something like…

“Experienced Revolutionary”
Improves all Vladof weapons

Vladof Gun Damage + 20%
Vladof Fire Rate + 20%
Vladof Reload Speed + 20%
Vladof Handling + xx (depends on the actual effects of the stat)
Vladof Accuracy + 25%
Vladof Magazine Size + 30%
Vladof Recoil Reduction + 35%

Edit: But I’m just rambling at this point. Enough imaginary skills, let’s get going with actual builds of the skills we have.

My build

Totally forgot this thread existed until I got a <3 on it. Quoting myself for context.

They did basically everything I wanted. Although it didn’t need much improvement, I wanted “Forge” to be improved and hoped for a stack cap of 3 for “Drowning in Brass”. And they did both those changes. Well done, Gearbox!