Moze's Unit Referenced In Commander Lilith DLC

Was just reading about Moze (who I haven’t played as yet) and saw that she is an ex-Vladof soldier.

And I had known her mech is called “The Iron Bear”.

So, when I read the ex-Vladof soldier thing just now, it triggered a memory of when I was going through the new Commander Lilith DLC over the summer and there was an ECHOlog in one of the infested hallway areas about how some corporation’s forces were getting absolutely torn to bloody pieces by Vladof’s Iron Bear troops. Or Iron Bear Corps. Iron Bear Squadron? Iron Bear some sort of force.

That must have been Moze’s unit before she (presumably) stole a mech and went AWOL.


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They added an echo for each of our new vault hunters. Zane’s had captain flynt talking about how he sends hitmen after his brother just to check up on him, for instance. The one you remember was Moze’s.

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Oh wow!

I should find those online if someone has transcripted the dialogue or has vids of finding them.

There were a few for each new VH then, I take it? I know the one I’m describing was one of 2 or 3 I heard about people fighting deadly Vladof troops. I think…

Just one. You’re probably thinking of Hector’s logs about his own Dahl troopers
At least I only remember one


Alright, thanks!