MP and Mayhem issues

So Ive started trying some Mayhem MP on the MT. What a fecal-show. One example:

No way to see what mods are on. I learn “Floor is Lava” is active when the host goes down and I am trying to revive him. I hate the modifier and never thought it would apply in that scenario. It nearly kills me before I can revive him and if it wasn’t for the barrier I’d have been downed for sure.

I can see he has all sorts of immunity mods on which I also don’t like and we get 2 Valks with shock immunity And one with corrosive immunity, Then Wotan spawns with Cryo immunity which hurts but then the better half spawns with corrosive immunity. Making these bullet sponges even spongier is a terrible experience.

His event on setting apparently overrode my event not on setting so I got the Cartel event which is just an ammo extinguisher ) plus the spawns didn’t work because none of the mini-boss beacons even brought in mini-bosses.

All in all, I’m not sure how to manage the MP settings and the fact that the ones I hate/really hurt my build don’t match others. I’m guessing the ones I have as default aren’t what other might want. I suspect the reason I have seen so many drops and quits in my takedown runs already are because people realize they don’t like or want to play with the modifiers. This is killing my interest in MP (along with all the modded guns I am now seeing) very quickly.

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wow… mayhem mode no kidding lol. I am happy I don t do multiplayer since long ago