MP Balancing - Statistic Approach

Hey guys,

I’m not really going to take the game apart like some of the other posters did before me, I’ll just pitch in how balancing should be approached once it gets on the table.

In my opinion, there should be a database with all the players’ statistics, win ratios, favored races, types of ships used, etc. which carry relevant information regarding how games are usually played. Then buff the seemingly weaker races using some input from the better players here on the forum (yes, look at the database when determining whose input is worth listening to). Perhaps form a beta tester group from players who can play well and whose input is generally sensible, and try out the different tweaks that way.

To determine player skill, I’d suggest looking at only HW1 vs HW1 or HW2 vs HW2 games, then see how are the win ratios when players of similar skill match up in HW1 vs HW2 to determine race-group balance.

I’m absolutely tired of all the one-sided whining that is going on in the other topics by the way, and I feel they are made by players who aren’t very good at HWRM multiplay. This would be a nice way to filter input and I’m hoping for a similar system in the future.

I very much doubt it’s viable to set up that level of stat tracking unless gearbox builds it into the multiplayer, let alone making some special pros-only balance discussion, if that were even desirable.

Well, listening to one-sided rants how HW1 races should be twice as strong isn’t a viable option either. I’m a beginner programmer, but I don’t think it’d be that hard to hook somekind of tracker into the game.

Statistics should play a role, but until certain strategies are figured out you cannot completely rely on them. Even still, strategies can still develop and pop up over a long period of time. While statistics can be useful indicators, you still need logical input and gameplay examples to really come to conclusions.

It’s rather telling when people say how something is imbalanced and mention RU injections, and 4v4 on the largest map, yeah. :confused:

I know I’m not that good myself. Working too much has made my mechanics crap when I used to at least be in the top 3% of any game at play. I like to think I’m very analytical and can play things out in my head based on objective information, and watch good players play, though.

I’ve noticed a lot of the best players playing this game right now actually don’t know a lot of the things about it. Like not knowing how doing a lot of damage in a short amount of time to subsystems disables them rather than having to destroy them to disable them. That’s a pretty key thing to know, that many of the best players don’t.

I asked what some of the better players thought about things when making my mod, though there’s conflict on some things. But a lot of balancing does just come down to numbers.