MP feature request "Ping"

Hi on behalf of myself & I’m sure also many other people I’d like to request a sensor ping for teams. I’ve discussed this with few players and they wished for something like that as we had misunderstandings on where and how to approach certain points on the map…

It could look and sound like the typical pings of the sp campaigns. Working the same way as movement. So you can decide where you wanna ping it in height or even pinging on ships directly. Like escort this or beware and attack that etc… The ping would follow the pinged ship till the ping vanishes after some time again.

Red ping means attack here
Yellow defend here
Green move, regroup or repair here

They could flicker for about 20 seconds before they vanish… The maximum ping color type per type and team could be 2,3 pings perhaps to avoid spamming.

Such a feature may not be ground breaking but might be benefical. Esspecially those that can’t speak english at all may benefit from it. And it even could increase the pace of a game as you don’t need to type several sentences explaining where to go… Which results in tougher more exciting team games…


Yep; ping would be great - to work like Company of Heroes 2

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Ya exactly…

Good idea, that definitely should be in the game.

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No more than a 3 second ping, trust me, a 20 second will get old REAL fast.

True didn’t think about that… So 3 seconds for stationary pings and perhaps 15 for moving objects where the ping is attached to any certain vessel.

100% support on this. But yeah, 20s is too long.

Battlefield refers to it as “spotting” - I agree it would be a neat system to implement. Calling it “ping” is confusing since we already have sensor pings.

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