MP lobby player numbers unreliable

Just noticed that the number of people showing in MP lobby was higher when I loaded preview patch. But most of them were playing vanilla. Then I loaded vanilla and only saw like 3 people in MP lobby.

That is very odd. It makes me wonder if something else is going on there.

Can someone at gbx please look into the MP lobby steam implementation?

Don’t know if that was meant to be or not, or whether it’s related, but I noticed huge difference in number of people online when I changed steam download server location. In one case I was the only one online (upon changing region there were at least 10 other people).

Yeah, thanks for letting us know.

This should be looked at. Can’t blame everything on steam considering that there are plenty of other RTS games on steam do not have this problem. This just reinforces the unreliability of this feature.

Obviously, it is not at all conducive to the health of an already niche, but dedicated MP player base.

Im also having the same problem, i go into the lobby and im the only one there.


im on teamspeak with others that are also in a hwr lobby, i just cant see them.

please look into this issue, our online community is so small we need to all be in the same lobby.

much appreciated

This has been a problem since post patch for me, though the preview patch seems to consistently show only a few players.

Also, when are we going to get our refresh button back? I know there were some posts about it here somewhere, but it is still an issue. We can’t refresh when games are up and unwanted players join in instead. Reducing the refresh could help, but it doesn’t solve anything as the feature was working pre patch, but now doesn’t.

Of course, this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if a) players could be banned from local/personal games, and b) the lobby kick bug was fixed. Since release, this bug has plagued the homeworld community…

Justin Case you need a reminder or more testimonials… Previously I had this problem when switching steam regions. Now I also noticed the difference in number of people online when switching from patch preview to vanilla.

This is a concern. The small MP community may be split which would make it look even smaller.