MP Lobby possible with Steam?

Since HW:RM MP Beta is using Steam, is it possible to have a MP Lobby implemented?

Yes it’s possible. There are many Steamworks games with a lobby.

It’s a question of “will they do it?” And even then it depends on how much they love money. I’m guessing a lot: So the chances are slim.

Any more development: More costs. That’s… Very unlike Gearbox.

I do not think we will see a general multiplayer lobby. One possible reason why we will not see it is because it will have to be policed, and that would be a significant running cost.

Was GS lobby policed? There was a bot called ChatMonitor that would’ve probably alerted admins when specific users were caught on auto filtering rules of some kind.
Also, a simple mute by player feature would give a great control over what gets displayed for users to avoid crazy people if any. And possibly have ‘Report’ function as well and I doubt it needs much running cost to maintain a peaceful lobby.

Having IRC based lobby with such alert bot doesn’t seem to take siginificant effort to implement, especially if they already have such experience. I just hope they would consider adding it as this is such a basic function that is needed for the community. Not being able to talk after games feels really weird.

like someone else stated GBX will not do a lobby because of cost, they want to cut corners.

No lobby? Sad face. MP wont last long like that.

LOL, well, it is a good job that a significant part of the user base had provided them with a ‘sourceforge level’ of code and content to get HW:RM underway. I hope those folks whose code and content was used in HW:RM got a free copy.

More seriously, I would like to see a MP lobby but as I said, it comes with a cost.

could always use tunngle i think. then again i wouldnt know if that will work i cannot play HWRM atm.

I just wanted to know if it was possible with steamworks, so thank you.

Since it seems that it is possible, I don’t think it would cost so much to make one.

Considering that they are planning to support the game for some time, I think it may be pessimistic to assume that they will not implement one.

Why do you guys want a lobby? I remember them from back in the day, but it’s just a big chat room full of useless chatter. At least, that’s how it always felt to me.

My memories are quite different. It was a place to quickly see who was online. Games could be arranged, challenged made, etc. Yeah, there was a lot of nonsense too, but having that ability is far better for a lively online community than just the list of games we have now. For example, even within my own group, I can only see who’s online via Teamspeak.

Wouldn’t your Steam friends list provide the same functionality? That’s how I use it, at least.

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could use Steam community chat. at launch there were 80 people in there… now it’s like 5 on the norm.

I would like a chat, i mean steam shows right now there’s 3000 people playing. would be cool to chat and reconnect with a bunch of my long lost friends :slight_smile:


Yeah, no one uses Steam chat and annoying to actually join. I was in there once and it was dead.

I really would enjoy an in-game homeworld lobby.

I’m new to steam and haven’t tried it.

It does seem as though that would be an additional window to keep open and as the next respondents have mentioned, it seems to be fairly dead.

I may give it a try, but I think most of the old community (who remain I hope enthusiastic about the game) are accustomed to an integrated chat function in the lobby. Without it, I just don’t see a community developing around the game and that would be sad because I’m fairly certain at least a portion of what we had back in the day is still possible. The lack of an integrated chat function in the lobby just seems like a huge oversight or an ill-advised cost cutting measure to me.

I am not sure how could this even be a big cost for them. It’s just a lobby and the majority of people are sure as heck not going to use the steam one.

It is cumbersome to get to and can then only be access through steam overlay.