MP Mode: Gungame/Sole Survivor

C&C had a sole survivor game, where you literally controlled one unit on a map and had to hunt down other units. For Homeworld this might be a little limited/one sided, so how about mixing it up with the popular gun game from FPS’s?

Each player starts off with a single lowly Scout. Each kill gives you the next ship up (so Interceptor etc) until you end up with whatever is deemed to be the most sensible end-game ship (Battlecruisers etc). Self repairing by the larger ships would probably have to be disabled, but it could be an entertaining mode.

It wouldn’t work, I think, as if somebody achieved a carrier (or any other such ship) then corvettes and fighter class vessels wouldn’t even be able to compete anymore. It’s a limited mode… But I can imagine the trolling that fighter and corvette classes will do by running around the map and hiding until the capital-class players leave.

As for another thing, as an example:

  • A bomber cannot defeat a scout.

Homeworld is very Rock Paper Scissors, unlike other games with a GunGame mode, where every gun can kill a player regardless of what weapon they have.

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What do you guys think of this as a proposal for a MP game type:

Relic Hunter mode:

It uses the relics that are already incorporated in the remaster. However, the twist will be that in addition to resources, the holding of a relic causes you to gain tickets / other arbitrary points.
The win condition should be first person to reach x points.

What i think this gametype will do is encourage more skirmishes to occur as well as encourage the use of more mobile fleets to go and capture additional relics. The standard kill mothership win conditions ends up being a rush to cap ships. I like the idea of having to manage perhaps multiple carriers with squadrons to jump and capture relics while leaving cap ships to engage more concentrated enemy forces.

Thoughts? Also would love any dev input as well.

Please don’t hijack other threads. Let’s keep discussion of your suggestion in the thread you made, thankyou.

There are ways to make sure it works. Obviously not having non-combat ships there (like the resource collector/controller, support frigates and even carriers) would be the default. But when you have ships fighting one on one or an 8 player free for all it would be much easier for the mismatched ships to score hits.

It would be interesting to try.

Or let’s just do probe golf!

The first person to get ONE kill and get an interceptor would end up winning due to having consistently more powerful ships… nobody would get past once he or she has a flak frigate. Or people could end up working together to defeat bigger ships, and then turning on eachother afterwards…