MP Refresh button

Does the refresh button just auto-refresh now OR does it also refresh every time I press it?

Refresh is auto now. The radio button is for cases where maybe the network is being odd and you see games popping and out or aren’t getting a stable list (it can happen in odd or very laggy circumstances) - and you get a server up, then turn off auto so it doesn’t go anywhere…

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Will there be an added manual refresh? Instances of not being able to see a game that is hosted for 5-15 seconds are quite common now…

You can just toggle the auto refresh button to effectively do a ‘manual’ refresh. I haven’t seen what you are talking about though - granted 'net speeds, general connectivity will have a lot to do with specific experiences…

If it persists, I’ll give examples. Its not a " 'net speeds" issue personally, or for those I play with, although I understand how that could be an issue.

It seems like the manual refresh is slow for some reason. Slow enough for me to wonder if it’s actually auto refresh instead of manual refresh that is refreshing the server list.

Eh? What does that mean?

The only refresh right now is the auto - if you turn it off, all you are really getting is a frozen version of the last thing the auto saw…

If anyone is seeing issues, please get me a video, or I can jump in to the steam servers and see it for myself once I know what I am looking for…

How’s the MP population right now, better for sure it seems?

Sure, it’s weird.

When there was a manual button refresh, and it was pressed, it was instantaneously refreshed.

Now if players try to refresh, it is not instantaneous. It feels as though there is no more instant manual refresh.

Several players are stating that it does not look like it is instant refreshing because when players know there are games up, they don’t see them until the server list auto refreshes.

And yes, the MP community is definitely looking better. People seem to be enjoying themselves.

So far, so good… :slight_smile:

The auto refresh runs at every 3 seconds - there’s no value to a manual refresh at that point…

Could you possibly please check to see if this is working then? I don’t actually see it refreshing when I do that.