Mr Boney Pants Guy

First time I have ever noticed that there was a tubby Mr Boney Pants Guy during a UVHM run. After dozens of times through Tiny Tina’s DLC, never noticed it before

Mr. Boney Pants Guy is a mini boss, not a tubby. You can however get Tubby Bones, a tubby variant of the normal skeletons.

Screen shot by chance?!

No unfortunately, it surprised me and was way much harder to kill.Maybe it was just a Tubby Bones, but I thought i saw Bony Pants in the name as well. Guess I was mistaken. Thanks.

You’ll get the health bar for Mr BP when you’re in his general vicinity, so it was likely a T-Bones and you actually just ran past Mr BP.

Mister… Boney?.. Pants?.. Guy?