Mr Gabe's Thousands of Borderlands Ideas

Hey All! This is going to be my thread to organize; discuss; share and “Submit” many of my numerous Borderlands 3; 4 and Pre-Sequel Sequel-Prequel ideas, thoughts, concepts, characters and so on.

Now, there being an absolutely MASSIVE amount of brain-child activity, I am NOT going to post every single idea I have.

Things I will avoid:
1: Main storylines and potential spoilers - I have written out three absolutely crazy/epic/phenomenal(in my opinion) stories for the next few Borderlands installments; but I would rather discuss these directly with GearBox staff rather than spoil everything here.
2: Additional Characters: While i’m absolutely going to discuss my base Vault Hunters (the first four) I will entirely leave the additional DLC Vault Hunters to be total surprises - That way, if my ideas are used, there are still many surprises

That’s prettymuch it on what I will avoid. I’ll post all my ideas in comments below; and I will edit my comments often to keep things neatly organized!

Thanks for reading/enjoying/commentary!

Disclaimer: I forfeit ALL Rights to my materials and ideas to GearBox Software LLC and void myself from soliciting any compensation - monetary or otherwise- from GearBox Software LLC for the usage of my ideas. My only request is that ideas used are not heavily modified, and that credit is given where credit is due.

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My First set of Ideas I’ll be sharing: Weaponry!

Specifically this comment will be for the theoretical BL4 new weapons manufacturer:

Gearshift Guns (And other fancy tech)

Gaige’s premiere custom weaponry manufacturer based on Pandora, developing and making all the wonderful glory gore inducing weapons of Gaige’s own creation.

What makes them unique? Well - Like Jacobs they can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger. Unlike Jacobs, however, they have elemental effects and a special overclocking torque gear that is activated when you hold the trigger - The longer you hold it, the more it torques and the higher the damage output/elemental effect damage/ammo usage per shot.

Gearshift Guns are all salvaged equipment, borrowing mixed and matched parts and guns from other manufacturers with Gaige’s own mechaniacal twists (That’s mechanical and maniacal combined, yes). As such, many of the dynamics will share characteristics with their previous manufacturers.

Pistols: The basic Gearshift pistol will gain damage and bullet speed; aswell as slight elemental bonuses(If an element is present in the weapon to begin with). This would be best used at mid-range.

SMGs: The basic Gearshift SMG will gain a burst-fire after being charged - otherwise it will remain as a fast-as-you-can-pull-the-trigger weapon. This will be great for patient SMG users who like to aim between the eyes.

Shotguns: The basic Gearshit Shotgun will gain a higher pellet count but slowly lose accuracy over a charge - allowing for more accurate small burst distance shots or devastating charged close-range shots.

Assault Rifles: Common Assault Rifles will gain higher damage and speed per round at the cost of fire rate and higher ammo usage.

Machine Rifles/Spiniguns: Gearshift does not produce either of these variations of the standard rifle

Revolver: Only Unique, Legendary and Pearlescent revolvers are produced by Gearshift. Common level revolvers are not in production.

Sniper Rifles: Sniper Rifles will take a longer time to charge but gain massive bonuses. Gearshift snipers are very rare machinery.

Rocket Launchers: Only Unique, Legendary and Pearlescent Gearshift launchers are in production. Common does not exist in Gearshift’s launcher line.


Standard Shield: The longer the shields are broken; the faster the recharge rate becomes and has the capability to become overcharged after a certain point. (Capacity higher than normal)
Roid Shields: The longer the shields are broken; the higher the gearshift’s Melee bonus becomes (Up to x amount)

Grenade Mods: Only unique, legendary and pearlescent grenade mods are produced by Gearshift Guns.

Unique; Legendary and Pearlescent items from Gearshift:

The Blunder: “It’ll hit you like a bus”. The Blunder is a single-shot rifle whose munition will gain size and strength as it is charged; but will also lose a bit of speed and have an increased gear-recharge time.

Firefly: “It’s butt glows!” Gaige’s modified Hellfire design; the Firefly launches slowly creeping shock/fire energy balls that are attracted to the enemy and home in. As the Firefly is charged; the creeping speed will increase aswell as the total number of projectiles shot at one time.

The Farnsworth Special: “Sphere-O-Boom!”. The FS is a pearlescent level Rocket Launcher whose projectiles arc (much like a grenade launcher) and deal absolutely massive explosive damage. The range; splash radius, and total explosive damage increase with the charge.

Moby: “We’re all made of dicks” A unique level rocket launcher; the Moby utilizes the “Bubble”** element type. As the charge increases; so does the likelyhood of coating the enemy in bubbles; aswell as the splash radius

The Splatterhorn: “Death to those who try to conquer me” The splatterhorn is a legendary level shotgun whose charge increases damage and elemental effects of slag, bubble and corrosive; however drastically reduces the range and accuracy of the weapon. Best used in close quarters.

Something Something Clonamajig: “It’s a clown car” The Clonamajig is Gaige’s re-working of a Tediore common SMG - the fully charged Clonamajig will sling multiple digistructed copies of the weapon wherever it is aimed.

Mighty Mouse: “There is no cat” The unique Mini-Pistol Mighty Mouse is a classic single-pull single-shot explosive pistol that packs a mighty punch - the higher the charge the faster the projectile moves and the larger the explosion dealt.

SBC: Special Beam Cannon: “Makank… Makankosa… Mankasappa… Oh whatever” The SBC is a legendary Laser weapon - it’s charge takes an unusually high amount of time and the weapon requires a full charge to fire; however once fired deals an incredibly lethal and damaging non-elemental laser attack to whatever poor thing it is pointed at.

Moonspeak: “Pop Pop Watchin’ Heathens Drop” The Moonspeak is what happened when Gaige ad Mordekai got together to make a new playtoy - It is a Revolver that deals simultaneous Cryo and Slag elemental, gains accuracy whilst it is charged; and is overall just a bit too overpowered.

The Musketeer: “All for one” The highest powered and rarest of the Pearlescent Gearshift weaponry; the Musketeer gains one elemental type for each level of its extremely long and drawn out charge; In this order: Shock; Fire; Corrode; Explode; Cryo; Bubble; and finally Slag.

Manic Anarchy: The legendary modified shield from Gearshift; the Manic Anarchy is an ordinary shield until its capacity is broken and the wearer takes damage: Any and all damage taken gets converted into quickly-lost stacks of Anarchy; and come with all the wonderful perks of Anarchy and the “Close Enough” skill from Gaige’s BL2 Skill trees. This shield is ONLY rewarded as a quest reward for facing the Raid Boss at the end of UVHM.

The Ticker: “A Mysterious Ticking Noise” A unique grenade mod; the Ticker has a very long fuse time set at 7 seconds - Holding the Grenade trigger however will count this fuse time down and drastically increase the damage. Don’t hold onto it for all 7 seconds though! If you run down the fuse in your hand, It WILL explode and take you with it.

Schneider: “Multi-Pop” The Schneider is a unique MIRV grenade mod; Its base child grenades are 3; and will continue to grow levels of child grenades (Just like the Bonus Package) For the duration of its charge. However don’t hold the charge for too long: It WILL explode and take you with it!


Idea Number Two!

A playable character! (There are MANY more of these to come)

For Borderlands 3, I present to you -

Cyrus as the Walking Tank

Character Class: Guerilla

Physical Stats:
- 6’1" height,
- 190 lbs.
- 32" hip
- 31" waist
- 38" shoulder
- 32" leg
- 31" torso/neck
- 58 years of age at Jack’s rise to power in Hyperion.

Clothing/Appearance: Shaggy hair and a scruffy grey beard; Cyrus looks very “Jeff Bridges” as “The Dude” in appearance. He wears a leather coat over his civilian wear most of the time; with his custom brown skag-leather cowboy boots (The first ever article of clothing made from skag-leather). He can often be caught carrying a sawed off shotgun on his right leg; and is rather proud of his rakk-hide belt.

His Digistruct Armor; however, bears a very different appearance. Impressively sleek and smooth for a piece of Dahl technology, the M.A.G.N.U.S-D (Mech Assault Guerilla; Neomorphic; Universal Strategic –Digistruct Armor) Armament is one of 7 created for the short run of Dahl Spec. Ops. Guerilla fighters. It boasts a heavy armor and slightly slower speed but can be upgraded with buffers to bring speed-reduction to almost 0.

Backstory: Cyrus has always been a fan of the finer things in life: Guns, Whiskey, Cigars and Women. And as a connoisseur of these finer things; Cyrus has gained a total of three types of people that know him. These are the people that admire him; the people that hate him; and the people that just don’t rightly give a ■■■■. This of course leaves Cyrus in a slew of predicaments throughout his lifetime. The first of these was when he was 15; having been caught by his neighbor whilst providing maritals to his neighbor’s daughter (and wife). The next of these was at age 18, when he was almost caught stealing a measly 2.5 million credits from a nice old lady known as his grandmother. A year later he was caught breaking into a high security guarded military base in his attempt to “Find out what kind of cigars a proper general would smoke” as well as to “go shopping for a new side arm”.

However, rather than being imprisoned or executed for this, the general he was stealing from saw potential. After all, a 19 year old kid who could break into one of the most highly protected Dahl installations on had to have some applicable skills. He was fast-tracked through basic training where he excelled in most areas(Though he couldn’t quite master the taking orders portion of his training) He was put directly into Dahl’s secretive arms development and testing unit, leading him to becoming one of the best equipped and trained soldiers at Dahl’s disposal. However this backfired – Once Cyrus learned that his MAGNUS-Digistruct armor was genetically encoded to him, he left with it and became a mercenary known as the “Walking Tank”

After learning of the events on Pandora and the glories of the Vault being real, he decided that he’d try to get in on the fame himself, and found his way to the planet.

Action Skill: MAGNUS-D – Digistructs a heavy combat armor around Cyrus; dragging his speed slower but drastically increasing his offensive and defensive capabilities.

Class Trees:
Brawler: Concentrates on brute force & power
Rogue: Concentrates on movement dynamics; stealth & support techniques
Tag-Team: Shifts the dynamic of MAGNUS-D to a “Doppelganger” style of play

Cyrus Skills:

Sentinel: Alters the dynamic of MAGNUS-D to a doppelganger type action skill rather than a suit of arms. This skill should be the second tier skill in Tag-Team; and use only one skill point

Kevlar: increases damage resistance; slightly reduces mobility reduction in MAGNUS-D. This skill should have 5 points.
DK: Gives the player a boosted jump while MAGNUS-D is activated; and adds a slam-style attack as well. If MAGNUS-D is sentinel; the slam-attack and jump bonuses only apply to the suit.
War Machine: This is a top tier skill. While MAGNUS-D is activated; this adds a chance for explosions to all projectiles, increases the duration of the MAGNUS-D by x amount per kill, and reduces the melee override cool down by x amount per kill. This applies to both Player and Sentinel if Sentinel skill is in use
Active Camo: For the first few seconds/until using a weapon, the MAGNUS-D is camouflaged.
One-Punch: Melee Override skill - While un-armored; a single portion of the MAGNUS-D digistructs around Cyrus’s arm for a heavy hit. While armored; the punch gains a jet-powered boost for extra damage.
Pistons: Reduces the mobility speed reduction of the MAGNUS-D
Impact: Temporarily reduces damage taken for a few seconds after being shot. This is a high tier skill.


(Art by )

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Wow this is awesome. Well thought out. :clap:

Thankya! Keep your eyes on this thread - I’ve got like 20 more vault hunters; 2 more weapons manufacturers; 14 DLC stories… I’ve got a lot.

Wow I’ll be sure to.

Let’s go with another Vault Hunter today!

I present to you…


Maggie as the Bullet Nurse

Character Class: Combat Nurse

Physical Stats:
- 5’7" height,
- 117.3 lbs.
- 34" hip
- 26" waist
- 32" bust
- 30" leg
- 27" torso/neck
- 22 years of age at Jack’s rise to power in Hyperion.

Clothing/Appearance: Pale, almost greyed ceramic skin on a pin-up girl body. Long mildly wavy black hair with golden blonde streaks in the front/bangs. Golden eyes and black lipstick. Combat nurse coat open over casual attire, slightly ripped tight tank top and heavy grey camo cargo pants. Skull belt/holster with large scalpel, pick, bone saw and sheers. She tends to be more aloof with her movements, smooth and flowing but with a hint of erraticism.

Backstory: As a young prodigy she was quickly scooped up by the Hyperion Corporation as a combat field nurse. Her innovations in cell repair and regeneration were never before seen. These led to better, faster emergency medical care processes and limb restoration/regrowth treatments. During the takeover by Jack; she’d quickly been able to see where his reign was headed. Not wanting to follow under a tyrant, Maggie fled to Pandora below and hid herself in the now abandoned Crimson Fastness, training in the combat she had watched incase Jack sent anyone to find her and “tie up loose ends.” Hearing of Jack’s demise; Maggie came out of hiding with a look in her eye that spoke only one thing: Vaults.

Once out of hiding she quickly offered her services to the other Vault hunters, first under the eye of Dr. Zed as his apprentice. However, she left his watch and began to perform freelance work - Basically she grew tired of Zed’s(Subtle but noticed) advances.

When rumors of war and another Vault on Pandora began to spread; she was enticed like nothing else had made her before. The chance to hunt her own Vault and to discover what was inside it for herself.

-Side effects of her first round of regenerative medicines are: a higher level of hormones, leading to imbalances in brain activity leading to a slight manic psychosis; but heightened reaction times and honed senses. Her bodily coordination is also heightened because of an acute sense of her own nervous system; but this also makes her feel pain many times more intensely.

-The formula has since been fixed and these side effects do not present in others.

Action Skill: Knife Party - Spectacularly increases melee damage and speed for a short time. Adds a second weapon, a large bone saw, and alternates between it and the scalpel.

Class Trees:
Give & Take: Focuses on the way damages is given and taken
Surgery: Focuses on enhancing melee and action skills
Enhanced Murder Style (E.M.S.): Focuses mainly on healing and buffering skills

Skill tree G&T: Feral - Focusing fire will add stacks of Fixation; increases accuracy and damage as long as target is maintained.

Skill tree G&T: Adrenaline Rush - Taking health damage increases movement speed and damage given.

Skill tree G&T: Cauterize It - Taking Burn damage will slowly heal Maggie and adds low ignite chance to non-elemental guns.

Skill tree G&T: Fury - Consecutive melee attacks gain increased damage bonus. Stacks up to xx amount of times

Skill tree G&T: Ladies First - Any time Maggie leads the group/is closest to enemies; the whole party gains bonuses; Melee for female characters and gun damage for male characters

Skill tree Surgery: Bloodwork - while Knife Party is active, Maggie can zoom on an enemy and throw corrosive syringes at long distance

Skill tree Surgery: Sylph - Kill streaks increase the chance of elemental effect.

Skill tree Surgery: Sterilized Blades - Adds corrosive damage to melee attacks, chance to corrode enemies.

Skill tree Surgery: Amputate - Melee Override skill; uses Bone Saw for massive damage

Skill tree Surgery: Invasive Surgery - Gives a chance to cause critical damage bonus anywhere on target with melee attacks.

Skill tree E.M.S.: Swan Song - at the end of the F.F.L., Maggie will lunge at a nearby enemy with a hard melee attack. This attack will lose damage the further she travels.

Skill tree E.M.S.: Put it on Ice - Increases health regained after F.F.L.; also adds effect of, any time the player or teammate is in F.F.L., using a Frost (Cryo) weapon will slow the bleed-out effect, giving more time to F.F.L. When paired with Swan Song, the lunge will gained greater effect over long distances

Skill tree E.M.S.: Looks to Kill - Clean kills (where no damage is taken from a specific enemy) will give off health orbs proportionate to the total health of the enemy

Skill tree E.M.S.: Anodized steel - Using a melee attack can electrocute an enemy; but may also magnetize Maggie


Sounds awesome. I hope the devs see this

Thankya. I’ve been trying to get their attention since february to no avail; so i’m hoping that people supporting the ideas on the forums will actually get a hold of them.

I’ll show Joe I know he will like this.

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Lol i’m sure he’ll remember me.

(I’ve been a bit of a pest about it)

Today we’ll talk through a new elemental type! But before that i’d like to logic it out for ya!

All of the previous elemental types have had a theme to them - They’re all Household Hazards. Things you can find in your house - in the walls or under the sink or something - that are potentially going to kill you.

Fire hazards? well we all know there are constant fire hazards in any house. Gas, candles, aerosol cans, etc
Electrical? Frayed wires, forks in plugs, fingers in light sockets and so on
Corrosive? Cleaning products! And old dead batteries and such.
Explosive hazards? Aerosol cans; gas leaks… too hot of a broken water heater. All things that can boom
Slag? Well that one you have to kindof stretch but prettymuch i equate it to sewage and septic tank backups. Definite gnarly.
Cryo hazards - Aerosol cans again(Hazardous little shits aren’t they?)! You can easily freeze your skin if you use it too close to yourself. Plus like, if you get stuck in your freezer or some sht.

So I walked through different ideas for elementals for things that might work and might not in Borderlands -

Can’t really use the classic wind, water, earth stuff. They just don’t fit the theme.
Things from anime and cartoons like blood and shadow and such are just… So not even close to any part of the theme.
Radiation - Now, while this one could be useful i put it in the not-so-useful part as i couldn’t think of a good way to balance and play with the dynamic of it.

But then there are a few things that could be used - But only one of which I make an element. The other two however would be great for additional other effects.

First - Magnetism. Now, this one is not so much an elemental effect in my eyes as it is just an environmental effect you can exploit. Magnetize an enemy to attract all sorts of munitions to them to inflict more damage (All on a curve, of course, the higher the Gauss effect the more the attraction). Shocking a magnetized enemy could even increase the field for bonus slaughter!

Secondly - Oil slicks. Again, not so much an elemental effect but it could react with enemies and other elementals pretty nicely. Any number of oil slick grenades or hoses could be used to coat enemies and the ground with oil, causing a few effects. First would be temporary blindness - Can’t see through thick oil! It’ll daze the enemies and throw them off. Second is it could possible make conditions very slippery - I don’t know about you but watching a bunch of skags run up and then slip by while struggling to catch their footing just sounds fun to me. And thirdly? Mix it with fire! Drop a oil slick grenade and then shoo it with any number of incendiary weapons for bonus damage, super high ignite chance, and all around burny burny fun time.

And Third - Lastly but definitely not the least, is the strange elemental type of Bubbles. Well, more fire extinguisher foam to be exact. But we’ll call it bubbles because it just sounds so much better to kill your enemy with bubbles than to kill them with foam. This elemental would work absolute wonders against anything technological - getting in the little parts and causing damage from malfunctions and shorts. Additionally, any enemy that is coated with bubbles would suffer from loss of movement ability and for those that breathe - damage from loss of oxygen.

In my narrative, the bubbles elemental effect is discovered when Salvador and Brick are out on a mission and they somehow against all odds run out of ammo. Happening upon a few fire extinguishers, they proceed to bash and bubble their way out of trouble (Hah, rhyming) until they can find more ammo and guns to steal.

And there you have it! A new elemental idea to fit the theme of Household Hazards! Bubbles!

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Today for you I have a basic rundown for a DLC Campaign - The first of 4 for the BL3 Arc I have!

Grandma Flexington’s Story of the Alien Invasion of '47

This DLC is a highly stylized campaign that runs through a borderlands styled spoof of the Roswell, New Mexico incident in 1947. Being told by Grandma Flexington many many years later, it has picked up a lovely amount of nostalgia and exaggeration on a story that was overall much less grandiose.

The story, from Grandma’s perspective, involves big headed skinny, lanky Aliens in chrome UFO discs with flashing bright neon lights and laser blasters - Infact these are supposed to be the only super brightly colored portions of the DLC. The rest of it should be sent through a color filter to make it seem like a classic hollywood movie, washed out colors of sepiatones and greyed out tidbits. This is to add contrast and cornyness to the overall feel of the Aliens. As the Town is secretly overrun by the Aliens, the “men in black” agents of Atlas and Dahl make an appearance to clean up - Including a very young and still hopeful about his career in the army Corporal Knoxx - much less jaded than the Knoxx we’ve come to know, love, and murder (repeatedly).

While you’re playing through this lovely story of Grandma Flexington’s there are echologs of the story that actually happened. But all the while you can’t ignore the fun of the actual campaign.

Over time, however, the Alien menace becomes much more public - taking over the town in a full scale invasion!

The VaultHunters are brought through Secret Government Bases, A mad Scientist’s hidden laboratory, even Slagtown - The off-to-the-west testing site for super powerful weapons (Your Nuketown type reference), Being abducted into the mother ship, And for some reason a Time-Travelling Tannis is there(More on that one later).

And let’s not forget the Raid Bosses in this place. One of course being a “Close Encounter” with the “Third Kind” if you know what I mean :wink:

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I said I’d get to the Time Travelling Tannis later!

And here we are!

DLC#3 for my Borderlands 3 story - Tannis’s Totally Tenacious Time Twister!

This one i’m going to detail out the bulk of the story itself as i wrote it during my self-ramblings. Enjoy!

The story begins with Patricia Tannis assembling the Vault Hunters for a new mission of the utmost importance: stop Handsome Jack.

This of course makes everyone very confused as Handsome Jack has been dead for sone time now. However; Tannis explains that she means stopping him before he even gets started. Tannis explains that through the vault key; eridian tech; and the fast travel system she has devised a way to send the vault hunters - or atleast conscious copies - backwards through time. She also explains that; as that time has already happened and she is sending signals to that time; you are unable to visit the sake time twice - else the signals get crossed and deteriorate the spacetime continuum. She also explains that while it is easy to bring items forward through time; she has not found a way to permanently send objects backwards; just digistruct copies that deteriorate after the transmission signal ends.

She says the first chance they will have of stopping jack is in Fyrestone, on the day of the first vault opening. If they can stop the vault opebing before it happens; then jack would never gain the money and power needed to become the tyrant.

However; upon sending them arriving in Fyrestone it comes to Tannis’s attention that she has sent them too far back. She tells the vault hunters to be careful and not reveal they are from the future to anyone; but that they have to wait out the next 8 hours while the signal eats itself and they travel forward.

While staying in the early Fyrestone they encounter T.K. Baha and help him take care of a few skags around town; run into a young Ninetoes as he is wandering through town, before becoming a maniac, and are put to work by Scooter to help him set up one of his first Catch-A-Ride stations at Fyrestone.

Once the help for Scooter has finished, Tannis radios the VHs and tells them they can come back forward now, and to get to a place where no one will see them disappear. At the last moment though, Claptrap is seen materializing just enough for his outline/basic shape to be seen.

Upon Arrival at Tannis’s again, she expresses that there is no time to delay; and the Vault Hunters must be sent right back off. However, this time, due to a miscalculation and improperly set decimal point, the VHs are sent eons back in time to Ancient Pandora; where giant skags roam free and the planet is a lush green world. Tannis apologizes profusely and wishes the VHs the best of luck surviving until they are brought back forward. Here they encounter some of the earliest humans to come to Pandora; whom wish they had never tried landing on this godforsaken rock because their ship was not designed to take off again immediately but rather the power cells had to recharge while they settled the new planet - for 6 months. These earliest settlers have degraded into factions of primitive acting tribes who are all fighting to survive both eachother and the world.

At the end of their 8 hour stint in Ancient Pandora; the vault hunters are brought back forward - However not by enough. They end up re-digitizing in Opportunity, just after the assassination of Handsome Jack’s body double.

At this point, Lilith chimes in and says she is coming back to help them out as well, seeing it as a perfect opportunity to tie up some loose ends, such as retrieving a few items from Sanctuary Crater as well as taking out a few extra Hyperion loaders in Opportunity. After teleporting to the Vault hunters and touring them through Opportunity for their clean-up efforts, Lilith teleports the group of them to Sanctuary Crater to retrieve some “lost equipment” which turns out to be pictures and trinkets from Lilith and Roland’s past.

Once the Vault Hunters themselves disappear - their time having run up - Lilith uses the chance to do something she shouldn’t, and teleports herself to Roland to say one final goodbye, also hoping to convince him not to take on the Bunk3r but he goes anyways; saying that both she and he know that it has to end. Lilith kisses him one last time, and phase-walks away so he cannot see her disappear into the future.

Back in Sanctuary; Lilith is seen crying from what she had just done, and Tannis goes to scold her but is stopped by Gaige, who at this point has become Tannis’s inner but outer voice of reason to help Tannis cope with her insanity.

Tannis says that she’s finally gotten the calculations correct and can send the Vault Hunters to the Day of the Vault, and they are off to complete their missions there. Gaige also has given them a few side quests for this portion, which include finding and bringing home some rare weapons like Atlas gear and an old Jakob’s masher(as all that exist anymore are the Maggie)

In Fyrestone once again; the VHs are instructed by tannis to go to the fast travel station where they’ve had the eridian promontory hacked and added to their list of available places. However as they try to use it they are blocked - the Watcher shows up to delay them. He acts as a miniature boss; saying “what has happened must happen and will always happen” - the first sense of futility in their quest to stop jack. After “defeating” the watcher and his retreat, the new vault hunters fast travel to eridian promontory as quickly as they can to try to stop the vault opening - they are met by a huge gauntlet of guardians still protecting the vault. Halfway up the mountain they are interrupted by a large earthquake - the vault has opened. They were too late. As they continue to fight their way up; the original vault hunters defeat the destroyer. By the time the new team arrives; the old vhs have already left. Tannis instructs them to evacuate and prepare to return. ***If Tate is to be made a canonical character through this DLC; She would join the VHs at the beginning while they are fighting The Watcher, and travel back with them to the future to meet a very ecstatic Claptrap.

At this point Tannis says that she has found a way to bring them back immediately rather than waiting; and sends them straight back out to try to stop Jack and his crew from reaching the vault in Eleseer - taking the team through the caverns and cave system (this way OzKits are not needed)

However again the Watcher arrives and says “you cannot change what you did not do in the first place. Everything that was shall be” and he becomes another boss fight. After delaying them enough; he leaves again and the vaulthunters begin the gauntlet through eleseer. However this was enough time delay for Jack and his crew to finish and get to the Vault; proving their attempt this time around futile once again.

Upon returning to Sanctuary, Lilith is waiting and tells them it is time to stop being subtle and to stop messing around: They’re going to head straight to Helios to attack Jack head-on

Lillith says she’s had enough of him skirting by and there being obstacles; that they’d go straight or the source of the problem right in its own home.

The Vault Hunters and Lilith materialize in Helios’s right arm; among the Veins of Helios. Still infested with Rats; they immediately begin the fight through. Tannis warns them; however; because they’ve been using the key so often that they might not have the full time allotted to get to Jack and take him down. Fighting through Rats and a few Loaderbots that were beginning to clean up the rats, they find their way into the Hub of Heroism; and are not met with any resistance as they enter Jack’s office. Jack even allows them in; eager for a chance to have at against Lilith once more and finally wipe her out.

Upon Entering Jack’s office, he notes that Lilith is looking rather ragged… Like she’s had a lot of battle inbetween having seen him just a few short weeks ago.

Lilith unfortunately tells Jack that she’s not the same Lilith, that she’s come back to stop him before he gets any worse.

Jack however, connects the dots. “You… You’re from the future?” he questions her, not beleiving it for a moment while the vault hunters sit there in silence as he thinks it through, laughing. “But… If you’re from the future and you are here to stop me… Then I’ve already won. You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t succeed!” he begins to laugh maniacally. “Then there’s no way for you to win today! I beat you! I win!” he laughs and exclaims “Bring it on!” a he summons his digi-jacks and the final Battle begins.

After taking his digi-jacks and him down, Lilith decides she wants to take the final blow herself. To finally be rid of Jack, once and for all. He’s bewildered, saying “but this can’t happen! I won! you can’t beat me now because I won in your past, but my future! I won!”

Just as Lilith is about to take the final blow, though, the Vault Hunters and Lilith spring back forward in time, a split second away from having finally defeated Jack. Lilith breaks down, yelling “NO! NO SEND ME BACK! I HAD HIM!” but Tannis is unable to send Lilith back to that point, as she was already there and it would break the timeline.

Meanwhile; in cutscene; we see Jack completely caught off guard by the fact that he is still alive, and then begins to laugh as he pulls himself up. He looks around his wrecked office as his security guard finally break through the door and he explains that he is fine. Out of the corner of his eye, he also sees a piece of technology left - the signal apparatus from Tannis’s time travel device. with a final glint of evil in his eye he begins to devise a plan.

Back in the future; the end of the story has come. Lilith has given up and gone back to her room to hide for the time being, angry that she had not been able to change anything. The vault hunters speak with Tannis, that explains that time is written and unable to be changed… Something that she should have noted before but just had not had the time to figure out. She states “And the irony of that is not lost on me”

She also gives a final after quest, a video-log to be given to Lilith. It’ a message from Roland. He had given it to Tannis with the instructions to give it to Lilith after she did something really, really stupid. Roland had recognized that she was not the same Lilith he knew - She had a scar on her neck (from Jack’s collar) that was not there when he had seen her just a few hours before hand. He figured that eventually she learned how to time travel with her siren powers - not too far off from the truth - and explained that because of her being there he knew he wasn’t going to be around for very long. A second part to why he instructed Lilith not to show up at the Bunk3r; so she wouldn’t have to see him die.

After the credits; there is one last scene - it shows Jack assembling Claptrap, very pissed off about it, an including the time-tech in his build so that Jack could send Claptrap back in time to off-handedly tell Jack about the Eridium in the first Vault, and to start his rise to power.

I hope you enjoyed this!

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Happy Friday Everyone! Let’s do another Vault Hunter with art! There’s not many of these ones left because i haven’t been able to afford my artist (He’s good, i force him to let me pay him)

I present to you - Randall!

Randall as the Nerd Supreme

Character Class: Shield Sniper

Physical Stats:
- 5’6" height,
- 119 lbs.
- 29" hip
- 29" waist
- 31" shoulder
- 23" leg
- 27" torso/neck
- 16 years of age at Jack’s rise to power in Hyperion.

Clothing/Appearance: Randy is a lean and lanky gentleman. He is what most people would describe as “scrawny” and has the approximate physical fitness to match. He often will be seen wearing blue jeans and gamer t-shirts with sneakers. He has straight as straw pitch black hair and dark eyes, with a complimenting tan-olive skin tone. He wears glasses and will usually don fingerless gloves for use both with his weaponry and his technology.

He has a small head-gear apparatus that will digistruct around his face as a HUD-shield while he is using his action skill x-specs.

Backstory: Born a complete genius, Randall was quickly ostracized by his peers. Constantly being berated as a nerd; geek; dweeb; loser, he found himself spending more time playing games and with trinkets than he did with other people. By age 9 his main outlook on life was “If they can do it; I should be able to figure out how to do it too.” Which he then applied to everything he could. This was made especially intense by his love for comics – he tried his hardest to base his life around the comic book heroes he grew up with His father was not particularly a man of wealth but they lived very comfortably. His Grandfather, Andrew; told Randall that at age 12 he could learn how to hunt if he wanted to.

Out on their first hunt; with his very first shot of the rifle it was apparent how skilled Randy would become as a marksman – His first shot was also his first kill of a 29 point belrokk at a staggering distance of 1800 feet. Within a year, Randy has become an iconic name in competitions and even had broken a few of the previous records (Set by Mordekai himself). He also developed his own technology to help augment his marksmanship which was eventually banned from the competitions for being too unfair of an advantage.

Upon hearing of his technology’s removal from competition, Randy announced that he would also be retiring to pursue a more lucrative and fulfilling lifestyle; using his genius intellect and incredible skills to become a very powerful and feared bounty hunter. At one point, he was hired to track down and bring in Gaige for her status as an outlaw; only to not bring her in after observing the events on Pandora as the previous Vault Hunters brought down the tyrant Handsome Jack.

Action Skill: X-Specs – A weapon overclocking ability coupled with x-ray vision that allows the player to see through objects and inflict damage on them despite hiding/obstructions.

Class Trees:
S.T.U. (Shield Tech Upgrades): Focuses on shield technology upgrades and tweaks
Power (Ranger): Focuses on sniper rifle and range bonuses
G.M. (Game Master): Focuses on team building skills and basic upgrades

Randy Skills:
So, Most of these skills are high-tier skills and will probably need balancing to make them not-so-overpowered.

Redundancy: Top -Tier S.T.U. skill, Redundancy clones the currently equipped shield and adds it as a secondary shield layer. This shield only recharges after the initial shield is fully charged and the Recharge Delay has passed for a second time. This shield also only holds half the bonuses or the original (For example; an absorb shield with a 27% absorb rate would only have a 13.5% additional absorb chance added)

Overclock: If the player shield remains undamaged for x amount of time; it begins to over-charge up to x amount of capacity. 5 points; delay starting at 10 seconds and being reduced by 20% each level, and 5% overcharge capacity per level.

Ghost: Reduces damage reduction from obstacles during X-Specs

Natural 20: 1 point passive/latent skill in G.M. - Every 7 seconds a “dice” is rolled and you gain bonuses or detractions depending on the number.
1-4 have negative skills such as lowered accuracy and higher damage taken
5-8 have no bonus or detractions
9-12 have small single bonuses depending on the number
13-16 have medium single bonuses depending on the number
17-19 have high combined bonuses
20 has x3 damage; fast health regeneration; zero kickback and higher accuracy and lasts for 14 seconds instead of 7

Cache: uses full clip in sniper or revolver in one shot during action skill. 1 point. High-tier in Power (Ranger)

Full throttle: Increases bullet velocity and slight increase to damage

Nova Flare: Melee Override - creates an electrical elemental shield nova. Cool down: 14 seconds. Damage: dependent on level.

Alternator: Electrical based attacks cause shields to begin recharging immediately; nullify any damage done to the shield (But not to health if the shields are already broken)

Alright all i’ma refrain from posting for a while until i get some sort of response from someone at gearbox about potential usage. Though i dont expect to hear back, i still dont want to spill all the beans and disqualify myself.

just a few legendary/unique items.

Twin weapons:
The Rhapsody – Flavor text “Any way the Lead Blows”
Maliwan SMG
-High Gauss chance
-Decently High chance for a bullet ricochet; at 40% damage reduction per ricochet and max 2 ricochets.

The Bohemian – “Doesn’t Really Matter”
Maliwan Launcher
-Giant splash effect area
-Always Slag elemental
-High Slag % change

The names and flavor texts are shoutouts to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Geist – “Don’t fear me”
Scav/Bandit Assault Rifle
-Never Elemental
-Low accuracy and high recoil
-Every bullet counts as a critical hit; no matter where on the target it strikes.
Flavor text a play of “Don’t fear the reaper”

Ice King - “Simon Says”
Hyperion Longbow Singularity
-Always Cryo; 60% chance freeze
-Very short fuse time
Adventure Time reference

Last Action - “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers”
-Torgue MIRV
-Very high child grenade count at cost of damage
-Child grenades have exaggerated rubberized effect; like a superball style bouncy ball
Reference to the movie Last Action Hero; and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attempt at an off-brand one liner.

Gibson – “You can curve the bullets”
Jacobs Revolver
-High Clip capacity
-Obnoxiously high Gauss effect.
A reference to Wesley Gibson from the movie/comic Wanted; whom can curve a bullet’s trajectory around obstacles to reach the target.

The Loom – “Fate’s got nothing on me”
Pangolin Turtle Shield
-Super high capacity
-0 second recharge delay; but very slow recharge rate; essentially so that the shield is constantly recharging unless it is full capacity or actively being damaged.

Noting to greek mythology and the threads of life that the Sisters of Fate would cut to end a life; the Loom’s instant recharge would be somewhat sticking it to the fates.

Legacy - “I am Bomberman!”
-Tediore MIRV

  • explodes in a + pattern of damage, then spawns 4 child grenades at the end of each spot, resulting in 4 more crosses
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And one last character!

Tom as the Lead-Head

Character Class: Scav

Physical Stats:
- 5’11" height,
- 187 lbs.
- 32" hip
- 36" waist
- 34" shoulder
- 31" leg
- 30" torso/neck
- 27 years of age at Jack’s rise to power in Hyperion.

Clothing/Appearance: This one is pretty self-explanatory; Tom looks like a mix between a moon scav and a Pandora bandit; with a bit of a beer gut and a very average look to him.

Backstory: Once upon a time, Tom was a simple scavenger on Elpis. He led a simple life; He worked a part-time job stealing and thieving from the residents of Concordia; He had a crew of close friends that roamed throughout the moon side; and on his days off he’d mix and match parts for OzKits just to see what they would do together (Despite them often blowing up in his face - literally). He also, like many scavs before him, liked to recombine gun parts into new, higher powered weaponry. Although, unlike other scavs, he was much better at making successfully powered up weapons than many of his predecessors.

During Handsome Jack’s campaign on Elpis; Tom and his crew were attacked. He was the only survivor of the attack, but could not catch recuperate himself in time to mount an attack back towards him. By the time he was able to recover from his injuries; Handsome Jack was the most powerful man in the system and Tom knew better than to try attacking him alone. He instead resumed his life as a Scav on Elpis until he got bored of that; and picked up a job as a janitor cleaning buildings in Concordia. Though he still felt a great resentment for the Vault Hunters; he did not have the means to go after them.

Once learning that Handsome Jack had been taken down by other Vault Hunters, and even had seen the fall of Helios into Pandora at the hands of another set of Vault Hunters; his anger waned. He thought “Well, they all seem like ■■■■■■■■. But at least some of them aren’t quite as bad of ■■■■■■■■ as the others.” He saved his cash and traded one of his prized weapons - a modified laser gun that could charge itself as it fired - to Janey Springs for a ride down to Pandora to move to Sanctuary.

Master of all things bullets, booms, and dad jokes, He quickly gained a reputation in Sanctuary as the second most annoying resident; often engaging in one liner, pun and zinger battles over the comm system with Claptrap.

Action Skill: Lead-Finger – Ammunitions used are taken directly from stockpile rather than clip - No need to reload ever. Bob also gains increased fire rate and damage but at the expense of accuracy and a higher recoil.

Class Trees:
All the Lead Ever: Focuses on augmenting Lead-Finger and basic skills.
Moonman: Focuses on Shield skills and his custom Oz-Kit
Maybe some Dynamite? : Focuses on battlefield dynamics and explosive techniques/munitions.

Being the 5th character; Tom would be a DLC character. As each of the DLC Characters usually has a brief introduction; I have an idea for Tom’s. His would be an introduction video showcasing a zinger battle in Sanctuary. Many of the various previous characters would be shown displaying grief; Gaige blasting her music in her headphones; Lilith face palming. Mordekai contemplating a nice large bottle of whiskey despite his being free from alcohol; Krieg in his badass form holding back Brick from trying to rip Tom and Claptrap apart for yet another ruined afternoon silence. And then finally ending with a pose-shot of him with his name/label in the game. This of course showcases absolutely nothing about his skills, his play style, or what he as a vault hunter will offer to the crew… But I personally think it is fitting, regardless.

Tom Skills:
Moonman’s skill tree would be very centered around the added dynamic of an on-ground Oz-Kit; which could be used for multiple purposes such as an overdrive bonus for his Lead-Finger; where he gains a pseudo-badass mode similar to Krieg’s Badass Psycho mode. It should also be used to add in bonuses for a butt-slam style technique to allow players to have that same option on Pandora that was enjoyed on Elpis. Additionally; Tom’s Oz-Kit should recharge much more slowly than standard kits; recharging more like a slow shield.

One Small Step: adds a boosted jump height to Tom’s jump. This should be first tier skill and only one point

One Giant Leap: This should be a higher end skill that adds the double jump and butt-slam technique to the Oz-Kit

Rocket - Jump!: This skill is questionable; however it would simply add a downward single weak rocket shot that would drop onto enemies directly below Tom whenever he uses the double-jump technique.

Top-Tier: Ozdrenaline: This skill is a very similar skill to Krieg’s “Release the Beast” skill - it requires a full Oz-Kit and less than 1/3rd health to activate; and increases the bonuses of the Lead-Finger drastically as well as fully replenishing health at activation and Oz once lead-finger has deactivated.

Maybe some dynamite? Should be a pretty variant tree; and have slots for skills that just don’t fit otherwise.

Smack-Talk: Changes the audio for FFL mode to more ridiculous phrases to draw agro from enemies. Also slightly increases FFL length

Explosives; Explosives everywhere: Turns all non-MIRV grenades into MIRV-grenades with 4 child grenades. This would be a high tier skill.

“All the lead ever” as a skill tree would of course constitute mostly skills that effects the action-skill and its dynamic such as accuracy, rate of fire, damage bonus, continuous damage bonuses and so on.

Mixxy Matchy: Top-Tier - Takes the weapon currently equipped and augments it with compatible* parts from the next weapon in the rotation during Lead-Finger